Baby loss tragedy confirmed for devastated Charity and Mack in Emmerdale

Prepare for absolutely heartbreaking scenes in Emmerdale, as Charity (Emma Atkins) and Mackenzie (Lawrence Robb) are set to lose their baby in upcoming episodes.

After Charity initially considered having an abortion, once she shared the news of her pregnancy with Mackenzie it was clear his reaction was very different to the one she expected. Seeing how happy and positive he was about the news made Charity realise he would be a good dad, and that although she was scared at the prospect of becoming a mother again it was something she really wanted to do.

But just as the idea of parenthood is sinking in for the couple, tragedy strikes. Charity is suddenly hit by a wave of pain and worries that something’s wrong with the baby. By the time Mackenzie arrives home, she’s on the floor in agony.

Mack scoops her into his arms and they head straight to the hospital, but deep down Charity already fears it might be too late.

Charity has a scan and is then given the devastating news that the pregnancy is ectopic and the baby has no chance of survival.

Mackenzie tries to be strong and support Charity as much as he can, but he struggles to put on a brave front. Charity, meanwhile, deals with things her own way by trying to carry on with normal life – but it’s clear that they’re both hurting badly.

Will their relationship survive the loss of their baby?

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