BBC Breakfasts Sally Nugent scolds subdued camera operator for on-air error

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BBC Breakfast presenter Sally Nugent was quick to scold a camera operator for a shoddy bit of filming while covering Mike Tindall’s charity bike ride.

The royal has been raising funds and awareness for Parkinson’s disease after his dad was diagnosed two decades ago.

He’s headed off from Lake Geneva on a six-day cycle headed for Nice, and departed live on air accompanied by a gang of Lycra-clad pals.

But Sally was less than impressed by the camera work, originally done by Mike on a selfie stick before being passed over to a waiting crowd member – who failed to film the group leaving, and instead pointed the lens at the cloudy sky.

Before leaving, Mike joked: “This is where I fall off… actually, we’ll get someone to hold it whilst we set off, how about that?”

Sally quipped back: “Don’t worry, you’re live on BBC One, it doesn’t matter if you fall off!”

As the camera was passed over, she commented: “Off they go… Come on camera person, where are we?”

Jon added: “I think the camera person is showing Carol [Kirkwood] the state of the clouds.”

“Yeah,” Sally agreed, before hinting: “I also think maybe they’re subdued after whatever that refreshment was last night.”

Mike had admitted that they hadn't had the best start to the trip, telling Jon and Sally: "We didn't start particularly well last night, we maybe went to the wrong choice of fluid last night… yeah, we made a very basic error right at the start.

"But we've got a lot of bananas, a lot of fruit and lots of potions that I'm sure will get us through."

Jon told him: "But you are hydrated, because it's been really hot down there, hasn't it? I guess cooler up in the mountains, but it's been a real heatwave," as Mike agreed: "Yeah, it was boiling yesterday.

"Fortunately there was a bit of a thunderstorm last night and it's a bit cooler at the moment. But I think for the rest of the week it does look like it's going to be pretty scorchio, so hydration will be key."

Sally couldn't help but quip: "And not so much beer, maybe!"

The segment ended with Sally telling Jon: "They've got a long way to go!" as he reassured her: "They'll be fine! I mean, he's one determined guy. You know him really well, you've met him a number of times…"

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