‘Can throw you out’ A Place In The Sun’s Craig Rowe issues housing warning

A Place in the Sun: Couple keep Craig Rowe ’on his toes’

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Craig Rowe has been buying and renovating properties for two decades and he joined A Place in the Sun earlier this year to find clients their dream homes abroad. While the Channel 4 presenter had to club together with his younger sister in order to afford his first home, he recently shared the benefits of owning a property rather than renting one with Express.co.uk.  

Craig, who is perhaps best known for presenting on the channel QVC and This Morning, grew up in Bristol with his parents and sister. 

He exclusively told Express.co.uk his parents were a huge influence on him when he was growing up as they were determined to buy a home together in the 1970s. 

Craig revealed: “They really had to scrimp and save and go without loads.

“It was just to get enough money together to get a mortgage.” 

They inspired him to buy as soon as he was able to instead of renting as he had seen the positive impact owning a home made for his parents. 

He said: “I think I’ve always seen the difference it made in the quality of their lives.”

Craig said the problem with renting a place is that a “landlord can throw you out”.

He added: “I’ve rented of course many times and I think that’s also an option for different advantages. 

“But I guess I’ve always believed maybe in my heart that it’s really good to buy somewhere which you can call home, which is yours. 

“No one can say, ‘Right, you’ve got to be out in a month in a month.'”

Craig’s sister was just 20 years old when they bought their first home together while he was working at the BBC. 

He added: “I couldn’t afford anything by myself and a friend of mine at work said, ‘So why don’t you buy with your sister? Why don’t you buy with someone?’

“We actually clubbed together and bought our property, and it was from there I kind of got the bug wanted to renovate it.” 

Craig explained it was from there that his passion for renovating property was ignited. 

He landed a presenting role on A Place in the Sun in January but admitted he had a “challenging” start to the Channel 4 programme due to travel restrictions caused by the coronavirus pandemic. 

When he went to Barbados for the programme, he was worried about testing positive for coronavirus as he would have had to isolate himself which could affect filming schedules.  

Craig exclaimed: “It was really quite challenging and quite stressful in a way because you just never knew.”

He said he had to be as careful as he could to try and avoid catching Covid-19 in the UK or abroad for work when the rules were tighter. 

Reflecting on how travel has become more relaxed in recent months, he quipped: “Actually now compared to how it was when I started feels like a breeze.”

A Place in the Sun airs on weekdays at 4pm on Channel 4. 

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