Emmerdale Marcus has dark link to Charles daughter Naomi as fans twig twist

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Emmerdale fans are worried that Marcus Harris could have a sinister link to new girl Naomi, as they're sure he already knows Charles Anderson's long-lost daughter.

Naomi was introduced to viewers on Tuesday (July 5) as vicar Charles frantically searched for his daughter, who he has never met before, leaving son Ethan worried.

But sharing his concerns with boyfriend Marcus, fans spotted a cryptic clue which could mean Marcus already knows Naomi, and wants to keep her secret.

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On Monday, Marcus attempted to reassure both Charles and Ethan that Naomi was safe, after it emerged she was missing.

And taking to Facebook, fans are already suspicious, as one wrote: "Does anyone think Marcus is dodgy? He seemed to push that Ethan's sister is safe. Then Charles said, 'How do you know that?' and Marcus sort of mumbled his reply…"

Another fan quickly agreed: "Think he is trying to get to Charles, to see how he reacts to him!"

As someone else posted: "Ethan took Marcus in for too quickly, Marcus is dodgy and Ethan is far too needy."

"I don't like Marcus's character at all he is up to something to cause trouble for Charles and Ethan both too trusting," a fourth agreed.

As a fifth user followed up: "It's all planned!"

In the pub, Charles put his foot in it by interrupting a fight between Naomi and her boss, who insisted she stay for the rest of her shift after throwing in the towel – and getting handsy with her.

And he accidentally outed himself as Naomi's dad, yelling at the pub landlord to: "Stay away from my daughter!" and leaving Naomi reeling.

In real life, 22-year-old Naomi is played by 30-year-old actress Karene Peter, who among other roles has made her name in Call the Midwife.

Speaking to Daily Star about her character's "edge", Karene said: "My first day was shooting scenes where I found out about Charles, and I had a bit of an argument with the bar manager – because Naomi has got a bit of an edge.

"She’s a little bit misunderstood, but I think as we get to know her, she’s got many facets to her.

"I think we do meet her under not so great circumstances, but throughout the story she redeems herself, and you see different sides to Naomi, definitely."

Her first day working at Emmerdale was "really fun", with Karene gushing: "Everyone was so welcoming, and it was very simple which I really enjoyed. I feel like I should have been nervous but I wasn’t!"

Emmerdale airs weeknights from 7:30pm on ITV.


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