‘Channel 5 has more flexibility’ Dan Walker in dig at BBC after channel switch

Dan Walker discusses his style of presenting on Channel 5 show

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After making his move from BBC Breakfast to Channel 5 earlier this month, Dan Walker has been very vocal about his decision to leave and how he has been feeling since. Many former BBC employees, such as Andrew Neil and Emily Maitlis, have spoken out about being restricted when reporting for the broadcaster and now, Dan has also added to the conversation after revealing his feelings of “flexibility” when reporting and working for Channel 5.

He confessed that his style of presenting when working on the BBC has always been his style “rightly or wrongly”.

Dan explained: “I think that’s always been my style, rightly or wrongly. There’s a perception that you’re really shackled at the BBC, and you can’t be yourself, but I’ve never been told I can’t say something.

“Channel 5 has a bit more flexibility,” Dan admitted. “And I’m enjoying that.

“It’s a really young, creative team,” he told Radio Times.

Dan now presents Channel 5’s News at 5, meaning he no longer needs to set his morning alarm for 3am to get into the BBC studios.

Touching on the relief he felt, Dan expressed: “I never minded it when the alarm went off, you got a head-start on everyone else, and I was getting up to do an amazing job.

“But it does turn you into a bit of a zombie, that’s not healthy.”

He added that he felt he had more energy which has left him writing another book and enjoying cutting the grass at his home.

After Dan’s debut on Channel 5 back on June 6, he boasted that the show’s figures had been boosted by 70 per cent.

He tweeted: “Lots of talk about figures last night… we are quite happy with ours.

“The @5_News audience was up over 70 per cent. Thanks so much for watching. We’ll see you tonight at 5, on 5.”

Since Dan left the BBC, Jon Kay has been standing in his place next to Sally Nugent to present the morning news show.

However, according to a BBC source who exclusively spoke to the Daily Star, the staff have been left feeling awkward about the decision to keep Jon as a permanent spot for the time being.

They admitted: “Much as everyone thinks Jon Kay is the heir apparent for Dan’s job, there has been some uneasiness that the ‘header’ picture for the official BBC Breakfast Twitter account has been changed in the last few days (while the process is still ongoing) to include Jon as one of the four main stars.

“It’s perhaps fair enough as he has been part of the ‘family’ for months, but some of those within the BBC are still vying for the job and feel it’s now already been decided.

“There is a bit of awkwardness that the bosses have put Jon in this situation.

“He is well-liked, but there’s a feeling they’ve been a bit hasty and now it looks like a done deal before the process has even got going.

“Jon Kay is very popular in the newsroom, but the process to replace Dan is still ongoing with a few weeks left, apparently.”

According to reports, interviews for the role are yet to take place, and there has been a “huge number of applicants”.

The BBC confirmed to Express.co.uk that they are still looking for Dan’s replacement, which will be announced in due course.

Dan Walker’s full interview is available to read over on www.radiotimes.com

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