Where is Allyssa from The One That Got Away now?

The One That Got Away stars get engaged

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The One That Got Away launched on Amazon Prime Video on June 24 and the series has gained a cult following. The series concentrated on a group of singletons hoping to find their forever with a former flame. Each of the contestants met some blasts from the pasts to see if there was still a spark with mixed results.

WARNING: This article contains major spoilers from The One That Got Away

Where is Allyssa from The One That Got Away now?

Allyssa Anderson and Adam Drexler were reunited on the show after attending high school together.

The model, who was looking to get married and settle down, had never thought the basketball player had noticed her when they were at school together.

But she couldn’t have been more wrong with Adam very much enamoured by her both back then and now.

Adam’s entrance through the portal stopped Allyssa from trying to pursue a romance with Dylan Palladino, who was one of fellow contestant Kasey Ma’s exes.

Prior to Adam’s arrival, Allyssa hadn’t had much luck on the show, including an awkward date and failing to hit it off with a guy she’d met on social media.

Once Adam was on the scene, it seemed like everything changed for Allyssa and nothing could sway her.

Adam also got the seal of approval from Allyssa’s parents, leading the athlete to get down on one knee with a promise ring.

In an emotional moment in the show’s finale, Adam told Allyssa: “This is a promise that I’m going to keep on falling for you after we leave this place together.”

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Allyssa was in tears and overcome with emotion as she responded: “I love you.”

The pair then shared a kiss following their tender admissions of love to one another.

Since leaving the show, it looks like Adam and Allyssa’s romance has gone from strength to strength with the model recently posting about their relationship on Instagram.

Allyssa shared a video of the proposal, along with some shots of her with Adam, with her 11,000 Instagram followers.

She captioned the post: “Waiting to share this for so long, and today, we can finally share our love with the world!!!

“Almost a year ago, we met on a reality dating show- the first of its kind. We immediately fell for each other, and we left together with a promise in our hearts that we’ve never forgotten.

“Over the last year, we’ve kept our promises, traveling [sic] together in support of our dreams, sharing in some of the most important moments of our lives, and loving every minute of our relationship.”

Allyssa finished off: “We’re so excited to finally be able to scream it from the rooftops: true love wins every time! #nevergiveuponthefairytale.”

Along with her romance with Adam going strong, the model is now busy focusing on her career and recently took the runway.

She has also kept in touch with her The One That Got Away co-star Kaey and shared a snap of them together.

Allyssa wrote: “So grateful to have formed such a wonderful friendship with this gem of a human!

“I came into this to find my soulmate, and behind the cameras, I found a friend for life. @kaseyma is a bright light in any room she walks into and I’m so lucky to be on this crazy ride together #theonethatgotaway.”

The One That Got Away is streaming on Amazon Prime Video now

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