Chaos ahead as Bernice and Bob unite to take over the B&B together in Emmerdale

Bernice Blackstock (Samantha Giles) was delighted when she was offered the job of manager at the Grange, AKA Emmerdale’s B&B.

She had visions of turning it into the premier boutique hotel in the Dales, and was more enthusiastic than she’s been for a long time as she pictured her future and a fresh start away from the salon.

Unfortunately all of these hopes seemed to have been dashed when Pollard (Chris Chittell) informed her that his circumstances had changed and he was putting the B&B on the market, meaning that the job was no longer there.

Nicola (Nicola Wheeler) floated the idea that Bernice could buy the business herself, but she couldn’t afford it. In coming episodes she decides she’s going to have to go back to her old job at PampaManda – another plan that’s thwarted as Mandy (Lisa Riley) tells her she’s going to have to make her redundant.

Mandy does have another idea, though, and suggests that Bernice could buy the B&B if she went into partnership with Bob (Tony Audenshaw). The pair agree that it’s a great idea – leaving Mandy wondering whether she’s created a monster.

We’ve seen many times in the past that it’s not exactly a dream team when Bernice and Bob try to work together – such as on the clearing up operation after the storm. Bernice’s high-handed leadership style infuriated Bob who ended up doing most of the work while Bernice swanned around issuing orders.

Are they really going to be able to unite to run the successful business they both dream of?

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