Corrie fans distracted as they spot Kelly wardrobe blunder amid kidnap horror

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Coronation Street viewers were left distracted after Kelly's appearance didn't match with her surroundings.

In Wednesday night's instalment of the popular ITV soap, Kelly was shown to be tied up and held in a dirty room after being kidnapped.

The teen was taken by two of her late dad's dodgy clients who demanded Gary Windass pay £50,000 in return for her being released.

Viewers were slightly distracted by the scenes however, as Kelly seemed to look "immaculate" despite being held in the room for several days.

Taking to social media, fans were quick to point out the continuity error, with one writing: "She looks rather well and clean for someone whose been in that room a few days… Must be smelling by now! #Corrie."

A second penned: "Got to hand it to Kelly though – off her face on drugs? Fake eyelashes immaculate. Kidnapped and bursting for a pee? Fake eyelashes immaculate #Corrie."

"Very clean that top she's got on, considering she's been rolling around the floor. Very clean dungeons on #Corrie," another eagle-eyed viewer pointed out.

While a fourth pointed out: "All that dirt on her face and Kelly's make-up still looks good. Is it tattooed on or ….? #Corrie

Last week, Kelly, played by Millie Gibson, decided to keep using her dad – Rick Neelan's dodgy money to pay back his clients.

Things took a sinister turn however when Kelly was abducted by her criminal dad's old acquaintances who demanded 50k ransom money.

Gary, played by Mikey North, proceeded to investigate her whereabouts and was eventually contacted by the kidnappers.

Only being able to amass £24,000, Gary took his chances and faced Kelly's kidnappers in the hopes they would return her unharmed.

Despite the kidnappers refusing Gary's offer, he attempted to rescue Kelly but was knocked out by one of the men.

After waking, he attacked the kidnapper before Kelly was forced to save him by smashing the man round the head with a crowbar, leaving him unconscious.

The pair managed to escape, but not before Gary asked Kelly to give him the crowbar, suggesting he was going to finish him off.

Kelly pleaded with Gary not to do it, later crying to him saying he is all she has left after the death of her father.

The teen is unaware however, that it was actually Gary who unintentionally murdered her dad back in 2019.

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