Corries Spider motive ‘rumbled’ – Elsie’s dad, Daisy kidnap twist and abuser

Coronation Street fans are sure they’ve rumbled the sinister motives behind Spider Nugent’s reappearance, after it was confirmed he’s hiding something from Toyah Habeeb.

Spider recently found himself arrested during a protest, with Toyah meeting him at the police station when he was released with a slap on the wrist.

Back at the flat, Toyah leaned in for a kiss and the pair fell into bed together, before Toyah rethought things and asked Spider to leave.

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Out on the cobbles, he answered his mobile and told the caller he was up to his eyes in work and couldn't wait to get back – so what is he hiding?

Fans think they know already…

Daisy kidnap plot

In a major twist, some viewers are sure that Spider has some relation to barmaid Daisy – and could be involved in a sick kidnapping plot.

Some are sure Spider could be Daisy’s biological father – the ex of Jenny Connor, whose identity has never been confirmed.

As Spider and Jenny haven’t shared any scenes yet, it’s still possible, and also possible that Daisy could be involved in a brutal hostage scheme by a deranged Toyah and Spider.

It wouldn’t be the first time Toyah has gone to extremes to keep a child, taking Alfie from under Abi’s nose and even being accused of murdering Imran to keep the baby to herself.

Taking to Facebook, one wondered: “Spider is Daisy’s biological father and Jenny is really her birth mum and Toyah is going to kidnap Daisy… maybe this could be a soap storyline!”

Another agreed: “The way soaps are going at the minute nothing would surprise me!”

Elsie’s father

Since Toyah lost her adoptive daughter Elsie, who was removed by social services after Imran’s affair was exposed, she’s been desperate for a child of her own – but with prison looming, it doesn’t look likely.

Now fans think Spider could be her biological father, which could reunite the pair once again.

One eagle-eyed fan wrote on Facebook: "How crazy would it be if it turns out Elsie is [Spider's] daughter lol, he gets back with Toyah and she fights for Elsie back."

Someone else tweeted: "Since they announced Spider is coming back to Corrie I’m convinced he’s Elsie’s dad and that’s how Toyah gets her back!"

A third penned: "Just been watching classic Corrie he’s in hope he comes back and Toyah and him rekindle what they had even happily ever after and possibly a baby!"

Not much is known about Elsie's background other than the fact that she was abused before coming to Toyah and Imran – but her father has never been mentioned.

Aaron’s abuser

Though spoilers have confirmed Summer’s boyfriend Aaron is being abused at home at the hands of his father, said father’s identity hasn’t yet been revealed.

And some fans are sure that Spider could be behind the bruises and split lips showing up on Aaron’s skin in a crucial identity twist.

Taking to Twitter with their theories, one viewer wrote: “The Spider of old wouldn’t do anything to harm Toyah so whatever he has planned is more likely to be with his activism than directly aimed at her.

“I do wonder if he is the father of Summer’s boyfriend or Elsie.”

Others, however, have wondered if Stu or even Stephen could be related to Aaron and behind his abuse – but only time will tell.

Violet’s husband

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One soap theory reported by The Express speculated that a key character could be returning to the cobbles – Violet Wilson, the mother of Sean Tully’s son Dylan.

Violet was mentioned last week during Sean’s date with Laurence, as he admitted the pair were just friends when they conceived their son.

But now a new theory has suggested that Violet could be on the other end of his mysterious call, with suggesting he tied the knot with Violet while living in London.

Spider and Violet, it poses, could have connected over their stints on the cobbles and moved in together when the Covid-19 lockdown struck, with Dylan not even aware they’d finally tied the knot as he was up in Weatherfield with Sean.

Could Spider be cheating on his wife with Toyah?

Coronation Street airs Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 8pm on ITV.


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