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DUGGAR fans have expressed they think Amy subtly announced she's pregnant with a second child after backlash over "offensive" tweets.

Amy Duggar, 35, recently sparked controversy with a tweet on Friday after the decision was made to ban or impose heavy restrictions on abortion.

Amy posted the rumor-stirring photos on her Instagram on Tuesday.

In them, the TLC star poses with her husband Dillon King, 35, and their son, Daxton, three.

The family is wearing matching phone battery icon t-shirts with subtle differences on each.

Dillon's t-shirt has DADDY printed at its top with the battery icon showing the word phrase "charging…" underneath it.


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It seems that Dillion is the one parent getting rest between the pair as Amy's MOMMY shirt displays the battery at a low charge.

The exhausted Counting On star is running on "10 percent"as she yawns and feigns sleep throughout the collection of photos.

Little Daxton is filled with energy as his t-shirt shows his battery fully charged at "100%".

The three-year-old appears to bust a move in the final photo of the post where a lost-for-words Amy captions, "The last pic really sums it up", punctuating it with a laughing emoji.

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Counting On fans took to the comment section of the post to give their thoughts on what many believed was an announcement of a coming addition to the King family.

One person wrote, "I feel this on a spiritual level. #sotired".

Another fan commented: "I definitely thought this was going to be a pregnancy announcement!"

A third commenter agreed: "CUTEST FAM! Def thought this was a pregnancy announcement haha!"

The pregnancy sentiment continued throughout the comments with one fan writing "I totally thought this was a pregnancy announcement…so cute though!!" and another adding "I so thought this was a pregnancy announcement".

One fan couldn't be dissuaded, bolding stating "It is a pregnancy announcement. His charge is lost over to Amy’s 10% and Amy is charging. She’s pregnant. Congratulations".


This cute family post on Instagram comes after the TV personality angered some of her fans after she showed support for the abortion ban on Twitter.

Amy expressed where she stands on the ruling in a controversial tweet: "ABORTION IS OVERTURNED!!! THANK YOU JESUS!!"

The 35-year-old's post sent social media users into a frenzy as they slammed Amy for her "offensive" comment.

One person simply responded: "Full offense, f**k Amy."

Others took issue with her second tweet: "Also I'm sure there will be guidelines in emergency / deathly complications procedure situations.

"But think of how many babies our country has killed. You cannot tell me we haven’t killed the child that could have cured cancer or that could have had a chance to change the world."

One outraged user commented: "Her follow up tweet…is so, so laughable."

Another agreed, adding: "It’s the follow-up tweet that shows she has zero understanding."

A third person chimed in: "Wow so now you scam people and are celebrating the death of women in the United States. It's time for you to be canceled!"

And others vowed to boycott the star's clothing line, Thirty1Thirty, due to her posts.

Amy, who is estranged from her famous family, is known to speak her mind on social media about her opposing views from her uncle, Jim Bob, and aunt, Michelle Duggar.

The mom of one previously slammed her cousin, Josh Duggar, 35, as "evil" in a post after he was convicted on child pornography charges.

She's also made her feelings known about other members of the Duggar clan for their lack of action regarding Josh's inappropriate behavior over the years.


But on Tuesday, the 35-year-old clapped back, addressing one post in particular, which she shared on her Instagram stories.

In what appears to be a personal DM, an unknown follower replied directly to Amy: "Can you imagine being such a piece of s**t that you celebrate taking away a woman’s bodily autonomy?"

The person followed it up with: "Also, if you are what Christianity is about I will gladly reject it."

In response, Amy at first calmly and directly addressed the vitriol.

"Let’s talk and not attack," she replied. "I’m not a piece of  s**t, and neither are you. So let’s stop the name calling and have an actual conversation."

She then broadened her message, adding in a caption: "No one deserves to be name called or attacked. We can agree to disagree no matter what topic.

And I choose to be kind even to the hateful people."

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