EastEnders spoilers – Sam shooting horror, child custody twist and Ravi panics

EastEnders’ Albert Square is by no means a quiet neighbourhood, and the residents of Walford probably wouldn’t blink at much after notorious serial killer Gray Atkins ended his reign over the London suburb earlier this year.

But there’s plenty more to come, as next week Sam finds herself embroiled in a horror revenge plot with a gun in play – meaning several of the EastEnders cast are all at risk.

Elsewhere, Stuart is struggling with his breast cancer diagnosis and determined to give up parental rights, while Ravi worries about the Minute Mart.

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So will it all end in tears? Could we be about to say goodbye to another beloved Walford resident? Only time will tell, as EastEnders spoilers promise much more drama to come next week.

Sam shooting horror

Next week, Ben is finally discharged from hospital, but Phil knows there’s a long road waiting ahead for him. Determined to help him heal, he meets up with Keeble and asks if she can just chuck the book at Lewis.

Sam, meanwhile, is attempting to use Kat to get through to Phil, but she refuses to involve herself. Eventually Sam gives up and decides to leave Walford altogether, securing the safe code to access her passport.

A hesitant Kat warns her not to take anything else, and as Sam gets ready to leave, Zack calls her to tell her he’s found Lewis.

It appears the passport isn’t all Sam has in her possession as she drives off with Zack to get him, with the gun she found in the safe ready in her bag.

Phil is left speechless when Sam reveals she has Lewis tied up in the boot of her car and reveals she has Phil’s gun – and it’s time for revenge. Reluctantly, Phil is driven to an abandoned warehouse.

But will she go through with the plan?

Child custody twist

Things aren’t going well for Stuart next week either, as he turns up late to Avery’s funeral and even forgets certain details – leaving Mitch upset.

Afterwards, Jay fires Stuart because the number of complaints are only increasing.

Later, however, Vi and Callum share their worries about Stuart as he meets with his doctor to discuss his cancer diagnosis.

On Wednesday, Karen joins the pair to search for an increasingly erratic Stuart, and they find him packing up all his worldly possessions. Sensing things aren’t going well, they ask how his appointment went.

Stuart tells them he got the all-clear from his doctor, leaving them even more confused about his plans.

But later, one-on-one with Karen, a devastated Stuart explains he’s signed over all his parental rights to Rainie and she never wants to see him again. Karen attempts to show him that this could all be postnatal depression, and urges him to seek help.

After some convincing, Stuart finally agrees to see his GP – and Karen agrees to accompany him despite it clashing with Bernie’s party.

Ravi panics

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Following the death of Ranveer, Ravi is desperate to keep things normal – and assures Suki the Minute Mart should open as usual.

Mr Lister arrives to inspect the market, and overhears both Ash and Honey chatting about being single. Ash knows all isn’t well with Suki and begs Nina to check on her.

But Ravi soon arrives and reminds her that she needs to go on as normal, so she opens up the shop.

With things heating up between Mr Lister and Honey, Ravi is annoyed to see the Minute Mart closed again on Tuesday and gives Suki a harsh reality check about needing to act normal.

Later, the pair tell Suki’s kids that they’ve bought the restaurant together.


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