EastEnders theory: Jay proposes to unlikely resident before tragedy

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EastEnders fans were shocked when Honey (played by Emma Barton) got together with Jay (Jamie Borthwick) a couple of years ago. The unlikely pair had a significant age difference, and Jay had been like a son to Honey’s husband, Billy (Perry Fenwick). Recent scenes from the BBC soap saw the couple realising they weren’t the match they thought they had been as they began to want different things. Honey and Billy have since reunited, and official spoilers suggest Jay and Lola Pearce (Danielle Harold) will once again get close. Not wanting to wait around this time, could Jay pop the question before Lola receives some tragic news?

Spoilers reveal Lola will have her sights set on getting Ben Micthell (Max Bowden) and Callum Highway (Tony Clay) back together in upcoming episodes.

To force the estranged husbands to talk, she decides to help Callum’s nan Vi Highway (Gwen Taylor) move out of her house.

Roping Jay into her plans, Ben is soon brought along and Callum arrives home to find the group helping Vi.

Soon, he and Ben figure out it has all been a set-up, but the plans seem to work anyway.

They soon admit to each other they still have feelings, but the moment is interrupted by Ben’s SOIT officer.

Lola begins organising a surprise birthday party for Jay, convincing Callum to help her.

Once again, she is hoping the event will bring him and Ben closer.

Ben eventually agrees to help, but Jay arrives and informs him he doesn’t want to celebrate his birthday this year.

An oblivious Lola moves forward with her plans to throw Jay a huge party.

Ben and Callum are undecided if they should tell Lola that Jay doesn’t want to celebrate.

Later, Lola awaits everybody’s arrival at Peggy’s but has no idea that Alfie Moon (Shane Richie) has botched her plans.

Ben and Callum struggle to convince a reluctant Jay to celebrate and eventually tell him about Lola’s surprise.

Jay arrives and feigns enthusiasm as the crowd welcomes him.

As Lola tries to get him to enjoy himself, she discovers that Jay was already aware.

The conversation leads to a moment between the two, and Jay reveals Lola was the love of his life.

As Rocky Cant (Brian Conley) attempts to make a speech for Jay, Shirley Carter (Linda Henry) has a devious idea.

Could she convince Rocky to use his matchmaking skills to reunite Jay and Lola?

With Lola trying to ensure other former couples are happily getting back together, the locals could spot the spark between her and Jay and decide it’s their turn to intervene.

As the two realise they both have feelings for each other, they will likely decide to give things another go.

With Jay eager to make the relationship work this time, he might take drastic action.

Learning from his relationship with Honey, he could decide he wants to propose to his ex.

It’s possible the mechanic will pluck up the courage to ask Lola to be his wife.

A delighted Lola will probably say yes – but their happiness will be short-lived.

It has been reported that the soap plan to see Lola making a tragic exit after she is diagnosed with a brain tumour.

With plans for Lola to leave the soap in the near future, it’s probable that she will find out about her illness soon.

With her and Jay preparing for wedded bliss, the bombshell will be devastating news.

Will Jay remain by Lola’s side until her tragic exit from the soap?

Lola’s daughter Lexi Pearce (Isabella Brown) will also be left without a mother, so it seems Jay will be around to help her father, Ben, look after her.

Could the couple decide to stay engaged and get married before it’s too late?

EastEnders continues on Thursday at 7.30pm on BBC One.

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