Emmerdale Charity and Vanessa reunion sealed by fans after baby loss heartache

Emmerdale fans have 'worked out' that Vanessa Woodfield and Charity Dingle might rekindle their romance for the soap's 50th anniversary, after viewers 'begged' for the couple to get back together.

Fans have recently spotted that Vanessa's romance with Suzy does not have the same chemistry as her relationship with Charity, leading them to 'work out' that the couple may get back together in the future.

"Vanuzy is getting crushed too. They [viewers] like the version of Charity and Vanessa they got with Vanity," said one fan.

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Other have begged Charity and Vanessa to give their romance another chance too after noticing not all was well between Vanessa and Suzy, with one fan saying: "Vanessa needs to get back with Charity they were meant to be together."

A second added: "Hope Vanity get back together."

"When are you gunna admit that Charity and Vanessa were the best couple EVER and finally reunite them! Vanity is the reason I watched Emmerdale and fell in love with the show. Please give me my fave couple back! #emmerdale #vanity" begged another.

A fourth commented: "I would love that to happen, I just know it won't" in response to a Twitter poll asking "Do you want charity and Vanessa to get back together?"

"I've been wanting Vanity to get back together for a while," said a fifth.

Fans are also predicting that Charity and Vanessa's romance might take center place for the soap's 50th anniversary in October.

One said: "If the 50th anniversary doesn't have a screaming match between Charity and Vanessa, they can cancel the entire thing."

However, Emmerdale executive producer Jane Hudson has previously teased that despite fans wanting Charity and Vanessa to get back together, it does not look like this will be on the cards in the future, due to the close bond between Charity and partner Mackenzie.

She told Metro: "I think Charity has made it very clear that her feelings are for Mackenzie and they’re reciprocated and they have a lot going on as well, especially with what Noah has recently been up to.

"I think Vanessa and Charity will always have feelings for one another and always care for each other and, they also have their children to think about as well, who some would argue are like brothers.

"So there will always be some warmth between them."

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Charity recently suffered a heartbreaking miscarriage with partner Mackenzie Boyd in last night's episode (August 18, 2022), after the couple found out they were expecting in recent episodes.

The scenes left many fans in tears, and praised the cast's performances in the episodes.

One said this "storyline with Charity and Mack is so heartbreaking," while a second added: "I hope Charity and Mack get through this ok as they're a great couple."


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