Emmerdale’s anniversary director has huge TV past in Coronation Street

Emmerdale director Tim O’Mara has shared details Coronation Street's special episode.

The TV veteran, who has been a staple in soap land for numerous years, has taken on the enormous task of directing Emmerdale's Anniversary week to celebrate the show reaching the 50th milestone.

However Tim is used to the pressure as he previously worked on Corrie's 10,000th special.

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When asked if he was proud to have worked on Emmerdale's special week, Tim replied: "Very proud – it’s been an amazing collaboration of all our teams especially the Art department who’ve had to design and prepare for three major stunts and the destruction of the Village.

"The scripts were very ambitious and beautifully written and I hope we have done them justice. I also filmed the 10,000th special for Coronation Street but this is even bigger!

"I was trying very hard to give the village a voice as it’s been the main character of Emmerdale since the very first episode.

"Hence, we’ve featured some iconic symbols of the Village in the main street – we’ve also sprinkled some visual references to Emmerdale’s history that we hope the fans will appreciate.

As the special week will be filled with astonishing stunts, aimed to take viewers' breaths away, Tim expressed that things were sometimes challenging behind the scenes.

He explained: "We had to shoot every scene with a number of wind machines and film stunts with massive wind machines in close proximity – this takes time and space and means every frame had to be checked and every take then ‘wildtracked’ for dialogue and SFX.

"We worked alongside a team often SFX specialists who were going straight to Scotland after our shoot to work on Highlander."

As well as Emmerdale and Coronation Street, Tim has also directed episodes of Casualty, Byker Grove, Emmerdale and Hollyoaks.

In addition to this, he has also written for the BBC children's drama Grange Hill and EastEnders.

The talented director previously won a BAFTA for his series Jeopardy on BBC1 and received a Prix Europa for his screenplay Behind Closed Doors for the BBC.


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