Firefly Lane season two: Kate and Johnny to reunite as fans spot clue

Firefly Lane trailer released by Netflix

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Netflix’s hit drama Firefly Lane returned on Thursday with its highly anticipated second season. Although the drama followed childhood best friends Tully Harte (played by Katherine Heigl) and Kate Mularkey (Sarah Chalke), fans wanted to see Kate reunite with her ex-husband Johnny Ryan (Ben Lawson). 

The series is an onscreen adaptation of Kristin Hannah’s novel of the same name which was released in 2008. 

The show unveiled Kate and Tully’s 30-year-long friendship from their childhood up until the 2000s 

Although they had drastically different upbringings, the two found comfort in each other and decided to stay friends up until adulthood. 

The 10-part series followed their lives in three timelines, with the season one finale focused on their friendship during their 40’s where its looks as though they could soon part ways. 

While the cliffhanger left many wondering about the future of their friendship, Kate’s romance with Johnny was also called into question. 

During season two, part one fans were pleased to see the two did get back together however they soon broke up when Kate realised their future didn’t align. 

She wanted marriage and children, so opted to date Theo and the two headed for Europe during the early 2000s

In 2005, Johnny decided to head into therapy to deal with the PTSD and injuries he sustained from an explosion in Iraq.  

This was when Johnny realised he was still in love with Kate and wanted to get back with her. 

Fans also want the same as they pleaded with bosses for the couple to reignite their romance when part two premieres. 

@sweetx0love25 tweeted: “Finished season 2 part 1, in my feelings #FireflyLane Johnny & kate belong together and that’s all I really have to say at the moment.”

A desperate @cheryl_nikita stated: “I just really want to see Kate and Johnny back together. Is that too much to ask halfway through.”

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A third fan @Alpdgg: “Either Kate and Johnny kiss now or I promise I GIVE SOMETHING.”

However other fans weren’t convinced by the thought of them getting back together. 

As @M_Watches_TV tweeted: “Johnny and Kate make no sense to me and I honestly don’t buy that they love each other.”

A fuming @@TVAddict617 wrote: “I’d much rather watch Danny and Tully instead of dragging Johnny and Kate’s on again off again bulls**t.

I don’t see their chemistry anyway but Danny and Tully’s chemistry is seeping out of their pores,” they added. 

However, Kate and Johnny sealed the season two, part one finale with a kiss under the fireworks. 

While this is a good sign for fans, it’s yet to be seen if they will make things official. 

Firefly Lane is available to stream on Netflix.

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