Gary Fryklind title card in Shadow and Bone pays tribute to father

Shadow and Bone: Netflix releases trailer for season two

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Shadow and Bone season two has just arrived on Netflix and it follows Aleksander Kirigan’s (played by Ben Barnes) attempt at revenge on Alina Starkov (Jessie Mei Li). The series is made up of eight episodes and there was a title card in memory of Gary Fryklind. has all you need to know about who he is and what happened.

Who is Gary Fryklind in Shadow and Bone?

The final episode of season two featured a devastating discovery for Alina, who was on a mission to find the Firebird.

At the end of the series, a title card read: “Dedicated to the memory of Gary Fryklind.”

Gary was the father of the show’s executive producer, Daegan Fryklind, and she also serves as a writer and showrunner.

Gary was an art teacher who died suddenly at the age of 80 in April 2021.

Following his death, Daegan took to Instagram to pay tribute to him, sharing a photo of him smiling and waving at the camera.

She said: “This guy. In the midst of a weird year of highs (the giant show went to #1 for a while) and lows (the dog boarded the mothership), two months ago, this guy also departed, making this the first Father’s Day where we’re not catching up about the US Open or steamwriting or basic s***-shooting.

“Losing someone so significant during a global pandemic is strange – they just vaporize.

“I haven’t been able to go to his place and feel the loss, so it’s just on days like this, or on my birthday, or on any given day when we’d text or call about nothing and everything, that the loss starts to sink in.

“I don’t think I’ve even scratched the surface of what life is like without him.

“We existed in road trips and movie theatres. I secretly learned to play golf so I could surprise him by showing up in Revelstoke one summer, fully capable of playing a round with him.

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“He was my truest confidante and my biggest champion, and even if he didn’t often understand exactly what it is that I do for a living, or what any of it means, he watched it all and asked all the right questions.

“I’m not ready to stop wishing him Happy Father’s day, so here it is: oh I see a Canadian is on the leaderboard? A three-way tie so far? Oh, not much, some notes on a thing and then a pass on another thing.

“Okay well enjoy, I hope he wins, too. Love you, Pop.”

The executive producer had previously opened up about her childhood and her father’s influence in an interview with Nice Girls TV.

She said: “I’m the youngest child (no rules!) but the only girl (rules!) – my dad is an artist and my mother was in management – I think maybe the reason why I ended up as a showrunner was in balancing their skillsets.

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“I grew up in the mountains of Alberta and then in the mountains of Vancouver and was a fairly feral child.

“And I wrote a lot. I started writing at a very early age, bad poetry, mostly, that my father would turn into art.

“But it was clear by the framed poems around the house that my parents were going to support whatever crazy artistic path I chose, and I credit them with creating this sense of ‘of course that’s an option’ in me.”

Following his death, an obituary was published on Heartland Funeral Services’ website.

It read: “Fryk was an avid golfer, having gone as far as the Royal St. George’s, but Revelstoke was his true base for many years.

“He taught his three children the sport, and it became the language of the family.

“Gary loved going to movies with his grandchildren, tooling away in the workshop on various carpentry projects, road trips to California, and cinnamon buns.

“Master of understated dry wit, Gary loved to laugh. He was a cowboy at heart, living a simple life. He knew what he loved, and he loved those he knew.”

Shadow and Bone season 2 is on Netflix now.

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