GB News host hits out at backlash to William and Kate’s portrait ‘What are they on about!’

Kate and William portrait is ‘stunning’ says GB News host

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Prince William and Kate Middleton have unveiled an “enormous” joint portrait of themselves as a gift to Cambridgeshire. The portrait was painted by award-winning artist Jamie Coreth and was discussed by presenters Anne Diamond and Stephen Dixon on Friday’s instalment of GB News. Stephen blasted critics who have said the portrait makes the Duchess look “less authoritative” than the Duke. 

As they were admiring a picture of the portrait, Anne told GB News viewers critics have demanded the artist apologise to Kate as she is “looking subservient almost to William”. 

However, Stephen said: “I’d like to go and see it. It must be about 10 or 12 feet tall, it’s bigger than life-size and absolutely enormous. 

“It looks stunning,” he added. “The critics, I think, don’t know what they are on about.” 

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