GMB viewers fume as they tell ITV hosts to ‘leave Meghan Markle alone’

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ITV's Good Morning Britain shared the news that the royal family spent £102 million last year, which left viewers fuming on social media.

Fans of the show stormed to social media after the show's segment on the royals after they were left fuming about how the show had painted things.

Many viewers accused GMB of "blaming" it on Meghan Markle – with them telling the show to "leave her alone".

On Thursday morning's show (June 30), the programme was hosted by Kate Garraway and Ben Shephard.

The hosts shared the news of the accounts which showed the royal family had spent the sum between 2021-2022.

After many viewers felt it was spun around to be blamed on The Duchess of Sussex, some took to Twitter to defend the former actress.

One viewer said: "#GMB why are you still talking about Meghan!!! Let her be!!!"

Another quipped: "All that spending, including the money to silence Andrew’s victims. Nah, let’s blame Meghan #GMB"

While a third penned: "You are treating Meghan like Diana and its p*ssing people off. Let her be!! #GMB"

Another blasted: "Still going on about Meghan ffs leave this woman alone!! #GMB"

"Why are you bullying Meghan!!! #GMB is a f**king racist show you know" fumed a fifth.

Others were more sceptical of the royal spending and shared their thoughts on the matter.

One user said: "#GMB Do the royals really bring in revenue? If they do it will be confined to London and a few other places and even then tourists appear to use tents instead of accommodation.I guess however that ice cream sales must be high."

Another added: "The idea that the Royals return billions to the country is rubbish.They are not single handedly responsible for the whole of the UK tourism revenue Are we such a dreadful place that (unlike France) no one would come on holiday here without the pageantry #GMB"

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