‘I’ve been surprised!’ Ozark boss hits back at finale backlash as fans question ending

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Netflix’s award-winning crime drama Ozark came to a shocking end which saw a number of beloved characters meet their deaths. Which included Mel Sattem (played by Adam Rothenberg), however, the show’s creator hit back at viewers after backlash about his death being off-camera.

Throughout season four, viewers watched as the Byrde’s did everything they could to leave the criminal lives behind.

In season one Marty Byrde (Jason Bateman) agreed to launder $500million in five years for the Navarro cartel after a deal went wrong.

However, after multiple deals with the FBI, he and the cartel boss Omar Navarro (Oscar Solis) were ready to leave their lives of crime.

However, this proved to be difficult after bad choices returned to haunt them in the form of an ex-homicide detective, Mel.

The former homicide detective turned private investigator was hired by Nathan Davis (Richard Thomas) to find his son Ben Davis (Tom Pelphrey).

Little did they know, Ben had met his death in season three after his sister Wendy Byrde (Laura Linney) exposed his location to the cartel, which wanted him dead.

Though she felt bad about her decision, Wendy felt as though she had no other choice after Ben threatened to blast their deal with Navarro.

His Bipolar Disorder was a major factor in his decision-making, as he had come off his medication and his mental health began to spiral.

After Mel appeared to help find Ben, the investigator became suspicious of the family, who often brushed him off, instead of helping with any information.

In an effort to divert his attention, Marty and Wendy got Mel his job back with the Chicago Police, in hopes of him being a no-show at the trial with Wendy’s father.

Although it was implied he took the role and was headed for the city, it was soon revealed he decided to visit the Byrde residence.

Later in the episode, the family returned to a burglarised home only to find Mel in the garden holding a Goat cookie jar.

He told them that his obsession with the object and its importance finally led him to discover Ben’s ashes were hidden inside.

When he turned down the Byrde’s bribe, their son Jonah (Skylar Gaertner) appeared with a shotgun pointed at Mel.

However, viewers were left confused after the gun went off after the screen cut to black.

The show’s creator Chris Mundy hit back at critics during an interview with Gold Derbys and stated: “I’ve actually been surprised by the amount of people that, not a ton, but the amount of people saying ‘Who got shot?’”

He continued: “To me, the gun is very firmly on Mel, that it Jonah sort of had permission to do it.”

During the scene, his parents silently consented to the murder becasue although they were in shock, they didn’t try to stop the teenager.

Chris added: “This was a bit of a callback to season one where he was going to when Garcia was going to shoot the family and Jonah pulls the trigger but it’s not loaded.

“My reason to it being off-screen is simpler than mystery, is really if you see that moment how long do you live in that aftermath, it changes your emotional relationship to it.”

Ozark is available on Netflix.

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