Im A Celebritys Charlene White grills Matt Hancock over entering jungle

Former Health Secretary Matt Hancock's arrival in the I'm A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! jungle has already caused drama in the camp as the campmates made their feelings clear.

Making his arrival in tonight's episode, alongside comedian Seann Walsh, Matt, 44, was met with a grilling from his fellow campmates.

During the episode, Loose Women star Charlene White questioned the MP's choice of appearing on the show.

While radio presenter Chris Moyles pointed out he had "taken a few weeks off his job." Boy George and Sue Cleaver were among others who didn't seem happy at the politician's arrival.

Speaking in the lookout, Charlene questioned Matt on his decision to appear on the show, and if he was worried about the reactions of the other campmates.

"Everybody’s really nice. Nobody’s trying to be spikey are they?" said Matt, with Charlene responding: "Were you nervous about that?"

The MP added that it was on his list of worries, as Charlene asked why he chose to participate on the show.

To which he replied: "Because there’s, honest truth, is because there’s so few ways in which politicians can show that we’re human beings, so I just thought it would be good to do that. I’ve got a sense of adventure."

Matt said to Charlene: “If I can use this to sort of peel myself back a bit and just be me, it’s better.”

Charlene replied: “But I can imagine it would not have gone down well at all at home? You have to expect that. Because Parliament is still sitting, we’re not in recess, you know…”

Matt said: “I genuinely think that because we’ve now got sort of stability that is…” to which Charlene stated: “We’ve had stability for all of five minutes Matt.”

Endorsing the current Prime Minister, he added: “Rishi's [Sunak] great, he’ll be fine.”

To which Charlene said: "But you can understand if people aren’t very happy at home about it?"

With Matt responding: "I understand that. But I also.. of course I get that, right. But I also just think that sometimes you’ve got to do things differently."

Charlene added: "I’m not sure going on I’m A Celebrity is the way to do it but you’re doing you and it’s a decision you’ve made and honestly it will be fascinating just to see."

Speaking in the Bush Telegraph, Charlene said: "Matt has a tough hill to climb, but he's put himself on that hill and for me as a journalist, I have to ask him why."

Later adding: "Politicians do tend to use that line, ‘I feel as though the public need to know the real me’. I’m not necessarily sure a reality TV show is the way to do that."


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