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THERE were shock walkouts, betrayals and sexy salon dates, but Love Island 2022 has finally come to an end.

Hot favourites Davide Sanclimente and Ekin-Su Cülcüloglu were crowned winners on Monday and walked away with the £50,000 prize money.

Fans will be eager to see how the couples' love stories play out, and whether they'll survive in the real world.

Feng shui master Marites Allen claims she already has the answers.

The 52-year-old, who lives in London, insists feng shui “is a science, not magic” that allows her to make forecasts about people’s health, love, luck and wealth. 

Her predictions centre around the balance of five ‘elements’ – earth, fire, metal, water and wood – which is based on the hour, day, month and year someone is born. 


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Here Marites shares her predictions for what's in store for our favourite Love Islanders with The Sun.

‘Set boundaries’

BORN: Year of the Boar (Davide Sanclimente) and Year of the Dog (Ekin-Su Cülcüloğlu)

Marites sees good luck ahead for Davide and Ekin-Su, both 27, because their astrological signs align – meaning there’s “good potential for a long and nurturing relationship”.

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However, she warns they must implement some ground rules on what they expect from each other and invest more time in getting to know each other.

Likely referring to the heartache caused when Ekin-Su snogged Jay Younger behind Davide’s back, Marites says it's essential they learn to trust each other.

She says: “They need to be more open and trusting. They need to set boundaries and guidelines on what they want and agree on how to resolve any issues.

“Prevention is better than cure, so it’s best to talk about this early if they wish to progress their relationship to the next level.”

Since exiting the Love Island villa, the couple are predicted to make a fortune – from just Instagram alone experts say Ekin-Su could make £9,500 a post and Davide more than £5,000.

Marites sees the couple profiting massively this year, adding: "The world is their oyster if they stick together.

"They should make the most of it, but it is very important that they set some guidelines. For example, if they are to endorse a product and have a fight before shooting day, they have to agree that the show must go on and they have to show their professional side."

'Must control emotions'

BORN: Year of the Goat (Gemma Owen), Year of the Rabbit (Luca Bish)

Marites says Gemma, 19, and Luca, 23, have “very compatible signs” that are “astrological allies and friends” but fears they may not work out.

She warns their relationship could face challenges due to it being the Year of the Water Tiger –  a “very energetic” zodiac animal that promises change and often separation. 

“There is a lot of movement in Luca’s chart this year – especially in August,” Marites says.

“If he doesn’t control his emotions or actions it could bring some challenges for his relationship with Gemma.

“He needs to take it easy during this time to avoid confrontations – as a Rabbit person, this year is afflicted with arguments, misunderstanding and being misunderstood.”

Marites has her doubts about Gemma and Luca’s relationship lasting much longer. 

“In the long term, these two are still very young and could still have an opportunity to explore other partnerships in the future,” she says.

Marites adds that Gemma should "take it easy with her schedule" this year as "physical and health issues may challenge her".

'Challenges ahead'

BORN: Year of the Rat (Dami Hope), Year of the Tiger (Indiyah Polack)

While Marites believes Dami, 26, and Indiyah, 23, have a great connection, their astrological signs indicate they will need to put a lot of work into their relationship.

She explains: "Dami is born in the Day of the Boar and Indiyah is born in the Day of the Snake.

"Boar and Snake are clashing and enemies, and therefore could pose a challenge to their relationship.

"If they would like to make their relationship a priority they will do their best to make things work, no matter what it takes."

They are also both Yin water people, which, according to Marites, means they are "very adaptable, gentle, kind and unassuming". 

"They have very likeable personalities as they prefer peaceful energies," she adds. "They tend to be very accommodating, patient and flexible with different kinds of people in different situations."

However, the other side of being a Yin water person means they rarely focus on one thing, which could be problematic.

Relationship rift

BORN: Year of the Tiger (Tasha Ghouri), Year of the Pig (Andrew Le Page)

Marites says Andrew, 27, and Tasha, 23, had "an instant romantic connection" on Love Island because of their astrological signs.

However, she warns their future could be rocky if they are not careful and sensitive to one another's feelings.

She says: "Andrew should give more support to Tasha, as being born in the day and Year of the Tiger, she may be experiencing some challenges.

"Especially this month, she has to take it easy, be watchful of her every action and word that she says to Andrew, or to anyone, to avoid creating a rift or relationship issues."

'Problems ahead'

BORN: Year of the Boar (Adam Collard) and Year of the Tiger (Paige Thorne)

Marites says Paige, 24, and Adam, 26, have an “undeniable attraction” because their signs are “secret friends”, but warns it may not last.

She says: “If Adam pursues Paige further, he must ensure to take care of her and be gentle.

“He is born in the Year of Yin Metal which is very special – and means he is talented, creative, loves glamour and has superior taste. 

“He also loves to enjoy life on an everyday basis, and this is something Paige has to fit in with if they want to pursue their relationship further.”

Marites predicts Adam, who lives in Newcastle, will move to a new area in the next few months, which could mean spell trouble for him and Paige, who lives in Swansea.

She believes they will be “in a long-distance relationship… unless they both accept a job in the same location”.

'Age gap drama'

BORN: Year of the Pig (Jamie Allen), Year of the Snake (Danica Taylor)

Marites doesn't have good news for Jamie, 27, and Danica, 21 – as she predicts it may not work "in the long term".

She says: "Jamie's chart shows some challenges in his relationship, which could cause problems for him and Danica.

"Jamie may be asking more from Danica, which she may find demanding or imposing. Due to being younger, she may want to explore life and do other things.

"It could certainly create a relationship rift. If these two want to succeed they have to work hard and be more understanding of each other's lifestyles.

"That way they will be ready when challenges creep into their lives."

For more information about Marites Allen and feng shui, visit www.maritesallen.com.

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