Inbetweeners star’s son teased for having TV’s fittest mum and won’t watch show

The Inbetweeners star dubbed 'TV's fittest mum' says her son is constantly teased over it – and won't watch the show.

Actress Belinda Stewart-Wilson, 51, shot to fame after starring as Will's mum Polly Mackenzie on the hit programme – drawing plenty of admirers.

And even though it's about a bunch a fun-loving teens, her own son Jackson – now 16 himself – is steering well clear of it.

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Belinda said: "My son was really small when I did it and I thought 'oh he's not going to know anything about it'. Now he gets teased at school."

She added: "He swears he'll never watch it. I think he's chosen to avoid it because maybe he's heard comments about me.

Talking about how it was such a huge part of her career, she described the role as a "real break" for her.

Belinda exclusively told the Daily Star: "I still get shouted at in the street and it's great just being Will's mum, forever in the hearts of the nation."

The iconic Channel 4 series kicked off 14 years ago – before two films hit the box office. Belinda's character was very popular with fans and it led to her being called 'TV's fittest mum' – a crown she's happy to wear.

She laughed: "TV's fittest mum – well it's quite good fun isn't it, it means that my work has gone well if people are talking about a part that I've played.

"I never saw it coming, to be one of TV's fittest mums, it's a weird combination of things but I'm happy to accept the crown."

"I had absolutely no idea, the only thing that I had to go on was the script, I had no idea what was about to happen next, no way.

"I think Polly became infamous because of the way the boys talked about her. Her screentime wasn't enormous but I was lucky she got talked about a lot, though in some quite extreme ways."

The Inbetweeners was nominated for a best sitcom in 2009 BAFTA.

Belinda was married to comedian Ben Miller until 2011 and after the Inbetweeners appeared in Ripper Street, Ordinary Lives and had a recurring role in Casualty.


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