Jeremy Clarkson apologises as Dan Walker misses out on jackpot

Jeremy Clarkson apologises to Dan Walker over question

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ITV’s hit quiz show Who Wants To Be A Millionaire returned to screens on Sunday with the celebrity special. Presenter Jeremy Clarkson apologised to Dan Walker after he couldn’t help him out with a question which caused him to lose out on a huge jackpot.

Jeremy returned to the hot seat to help celebrities win big cash prizes for their chosen charities. 

In the first round, he welcomed comedian Jo Brand who left the show with £64,000 which she planned to donate to the Oxford Kidney Trust. 

After she decided to bail out of the quiz show, Dan became the second celebrity to appear. 

The broadcaster wanted to win big for Sheffield Children’s Hospital which he also represented as a patron. 

However, Dan was forced to leave sooner than expected after losing out on £64,000. 

He was asked: “Hell is other people, is the English translation of a famous line in a play of which writer?”

Dan had the choice of four options including Jean-Paul Sartre, Henry Gibson or Anton Chekov.

However, the broadcaster was stumped as he admitted: “Oh dear, that’s a toughie.”

Dan decided to use a lifeline and asked Jeremy: “You’re a well-read individual, aren’t you, I reckon you know your stuff.

“I’m going to ask you to help me, please”

Jeremy responded: “Here’s what I think, I’m going to be honest I don’t know, I mean you’ve got 50/50 left.”

When Dan probed into his thought process, Jeremy explained: “Well, Chekov has never written anything that interesting,” to which Dan admitted: “I was discounting Chekov.”

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After more thought, Jeremy admitted: “I am no use to you at all here, I’m really sorry about that.”

Dan reassured him: “That’s alright, I thought I’d ask you anyway just in case.”

“They are all catastrophic dullards those four, that’s all I know and that’s why I’m not familiar with their work, so that is my final answer,” Jeremy added. 

Dan joked: “Well that was spectacularly helpful, thank you very much.”

Dan then decided to choose the 50/50 lifeline which erased the two wrong answers out of the four choices and was left with Jean-Paul Sartre and Henry Gibson. 

Although he was unsure, Dan remarked: “If I get this wrong, I’ve still got £32,000.”

After choosing Henry Gibson, Dan learned it was the incorrect answer and was left with his head in his hands. 

Jeremy apologised: “I’m really sorry about that Dan, really sorry about that. The fact is though you are leaving here with £32,000.”

Who Wants To Be A Millionaire continues Sundays on ITV at 9 pm.

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