Lorraine says flawed royals are treated like cartoons for entertainment

ITV's Lorraine Kelly described the royal family as cartoons who are "flawed".

The morning TV host chatted to Ed Perkins on the show who is the director of the upcoming documentary 'The Princess' which follows Diana's life.

On Monday's programme (June 27), Ed told Lorraine: "The point of this film is to hold up a mirror up to all of us and to see that we do create ad demand for photos and we do all want the fairytale but there is a cost to that.

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To which Lorraine replied: "They are kind of treated and they still are to this day like cartoons for our entertainment."

Ed added: "I've watched hours of footage and for more people, you realise it was almost like a national soap opera and making parts of this film has forced me to humanise them and forced me to be much more sympathetic to them now, they are not perfect."

The Scottish host interjected: "We are all flawed, they are all flawed."

She then asked: "You know her more now?"

Ed explained: "No, and that's the strange thing, normally you would feel that but even after watching hundreds of hours of footage, she is still an enigma to me. And that's probably one of the reasons she was able to connect to people.

"For me, the starting point of this was when she died, I was 11, I remember vividly when she died, the only other moment like that was possibly 9/11. I imagine many of your viewers would also feel that way."

Lorraine then recalled the moment that Diana passed and when she reported on her funeral.

She said: "I remember I was reporting on it and I remember when her coffin came into view and people were sobbing and wailing I've never seen anything like that."

Ed also recalled: "I remember hundreds of grown men and women taking to the streets and crying and it was almost very unBritish.

"I just remember feeling confused and maybe that confusion has stuck with me throughout my life, and made me question what was it with Diana that so many people reacted the way they did when she died."

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