Scheana Shay Yells at Tom Sandoval Before Storming Off While Filming VPR

In other news related to the TomTom bar co-owner, the Bravo personality reacts to British singer Adele’s diss toward him during her Las Vegas residency last month.

AceShowbizScheana Shay is apparently not done blasting Tom Sandoval. The “Vanderpump Rules” co-stars were spotted having a tense conversation while filming for season 11 of the Bravo reality TV show.

During the heated talk outside SUR on Tuesday night, July 11, Scheana appeared to rip the bar owner for cheating on Ariana Madix with Raquel Leviss. In pictures circulating online, Tom was seen looking agitated as he sat at a table with Scheana sitting in front of him.

At one point, Scheana angrily stood a few feet away and went off on her former friend. It was said that she moved her head and arms around for 15 seconds until she was heard loudly screaming, “…if you hadn’t f**ked Raquel!”

Scheana ended their talk by dramatically storming off. Shortly after, Tom slowly got up from the table.

During the filming, Scheana donned an all-black ensemble. She paired a leather tube top with matching pants, heeled boots and a jacket slung over her shoulders.

As for Tom, the Tom Sandoval & The Most Extras frontman donned a navy blue sweater with a singular white stripe across the chest, black jeans and white sneakers. The TomTom bar co-owner also showed up with a new look as he ditched his wormy mustache.

In other news related to Tom, the Bravo personality recently reacted to Adele‘s diss toward him. Speaking to TMZ, the 40-year-old reality TV star seemed to be unfazed when asked about the British singer agreeing to a fan calling him a “trash.”

“I heard it was just the person in the audience [who] said something. I didn’t think it was her,” Tom said. After being informed that the Grammy winner “basically” called him “trash” for his infidelity, he added, “I would think anybody whose been told a certain story about me would think the exact same thing.”

Tom went on to suggest that the “Easy on Me” hitmaker is entitled to her opinion, saying, “I can’t knock her for that. I mean she’s a very, very talented woman. I never went to her concerts, but I would definitely enjoy an Adele show for sure. I think it’s very normal for Adele to feel whatever she feels.”

Last month, Adele asked the audience at her Las Vegas Residency to explain about the “Vanderpump Rules” star’s cheating scandal. “The other day my friend was like, ‘No, they really do restaurants or something.’ So, is it related to the TV show? And what does the guy do that cheated?” she asked in a video circulating online.

A fan replied, “Yeah, literally,” before Adele continued asking, “Is he, like, a manager of a store?” When the fan said that she didn’t know, Adele responded, “Oh, you don’t follow? You just like the restaurant? Me neither, I’ve got no idea.” The 35-year-old pop star turned to other concertgoers for more information, “Does anyone know about that ‘Vanderpump’ stuff? What does the man do? What does that man do?”

One fan then quipped, “He’s trash … The one with the mustache.” Adele agreed with the statement, but she hoped for an answer about Tom’s occupation. The fan then responded, “He tries to sing and he’s no Adele,” prompting Adele to ask, “So it’s a restaurant TV show, but he tries to sing and then cheats?” The fan clarified, “He’s on a TV show pretending to be a server. He wants to be an entertainer now, but no.”

Adele was less than impressed after learning the information as she joked, “Ah, OK. Like most of L.A.” She added, “Whenever I get served at a restaurant, someone tries to slide me a demo. Thanks for that. I needed that.”

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