MAFS UK fans call out Jonathan as he says he doesnt want to rip Sophies clothes off’

Married At First Sight UK fans were left fuming at Jonathan Wileman during Monday night’s episode, after he appeared to snub his wife Sophie in tense scenes that left several viewers at home cringing.

During a heart to heart chat with several of his fellow contestants, Jonathan savagely revealed that he wasn’t physically attracted to Sophie, even going so far as to clarify that he didn’t “want to rip Sophie’s clothes off” – despite having already slept with her.

Discussing a lack of intensity in their relationship, Jonathan opened up about what he felt was missing as he said: “Sometimes you meet someone and you want to just rip their clothes off. "

"That intensity, that…it’s just a feeling you have between each other. Not necessarily just you, but it’s reciprocated and it’s there.”

Interjecting Kwame then clarified in disbelief: “Hold on a minute, you’re saying you don’t want to rip Sophie’s clothes off?”

To which Jonathan replied: “Well…yeah.”

The exchange was not well received by many fans at home, who couldn’t get their head around why Jonathan was being so cold towards his wife, after previously leading her on and being more than willing to sleep with her.

“Jonathan acts like he is some god of perfection.You're punching with Sophie. In every way,” commented one disgruntled fan.

Another fan also agreed, writing: “FGS Sophie’s physically gorgeous. If I was married to her ‘I’d rip her clothes off!’ Is Jonathan mad or just trying to find excuses now?”

A third also didn’t mince their words as they commented: “You see how a man will disrespect you!!! Jonathan slept with this woman, doing up massages and now saying he don't want to rip off clothes… sir, please go eat your haribo somewhere!!! Idiot!!!!”

With a fourth also agreeing as they added: “Lol Jonathan has got a girl like Sophie and he is saying he doesn’t fancy her like that??? He looks like he doesn’t take showers. He’s punching with Sophie.”

However, not everyone felt he was in the wrong, with one fan arguing he was entitled to his preference, even if it was worded poorly.

They wrote: “Unpopular opinion. Jonathan doesn't know how to articulate himself. He has the right to his preference. If he does not find a heavy set woman attractive then thats his preference. I just wish he had kept his mouth shut.”

Another fan even questioned whether he could be self sabotaging his relationship as he felt he didn’t deserve her as they added: “I CANT believe Jonathan turned out to be the villain in this. first of you are PUNCHING in many ways mate. however, maybe he’s self sabotaging bc he knows she’s out of his depth?”

Will the couple manage to go the distance? Or is their romance doomed before it’s even started?

Married at First Sight UK continues on E4 at 9pm, Monday – Thursday.


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