Marlon finally returns to work at the Emmerdale pub – and makes a big decision

Old Marlon (Mark Charnock) as we know him is back! Emmerdale’s answer to Gordon Ramsay is returning to the kitchen where he belongs.

After weeks of pining over his old job, Marlon is about to have a ginormous breakthrough. On the whole, he has taken the aftermath of his stroke in his stride, but the one thing he has struggled with the most is not being able to do the thing he loved.

Even worse was the fact the pub had to bring in someone else to cover his post and he began to fear that the new wave of gastropubs would see him unseated as the local chef extraordinaire.

News comes that the pub’s temp chef Paul is leaving and they’re now looking for someone else to fill his shoes full time. This is terrible news for Marlon, as it all but confirms his dream job will now be reassigned. But instead of giving up, he takes plucks the opportunity like a tomato ripe for chopping and goes for it.

He puts himself forward for the position and Chas (Lucy Pargeter) and Charity (Emma Atkins) are only too happy to have him back in his whites. This is the best news ever for Marlon and looks like life is back to normal with him back behind his spider burners, and he makes a huge decision in offering Naomi (Karene Peter) the position of assistant.

Like an artist picking up his brush, Marlon’s back creating masterpieces that the likes of Greg Wallace would be proud of. The Marlon Rhona fell in love with is back.

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