Married At First Sight UK couple admit they ‘barely spoke’ on wedding day

Married at First Sight UK contestant's Tayah and Adam revealed that they "barely spoke to each other" on the day of their wedding.

The couple appeared on the social experiment series last year and found love having been put together by relationship experts on the show.

Recapped At First Sight podcast hosts Kat Shoob and Bob Voysey welcomed the couple onto their show after the first episode of the 2022 series aired on Monday (August 29) evening.

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The couple opened up about how strange the day of their wedding was, saying that they "barely spoke" on the day.

Kat Shoob said: "You're meant to have a good time on your wedding day aren't you, its all heightened and then you get there [honeymoon] and the reality is you're with a stranger and you're like oh we don't get on."

Adam then chipped in: "Me and Tayah barely spoke to each other on our wedding day because there was that much going on.

"The first time we had a proper deep conversation was on the plane."

Tayah also admitted that the theme tune to the show gives her anxiety to this day.

Adam said: "It was strange watching it back.

"As soon as the bells came on, Tayah went 'It's giving me anxiety already'."

Tayah asked: "Bob, did you feel like that when you hear the bells before the advert break, it's like 'oh god'."

Former contestant Bob replied: "It's just taking you back to that feeling isn't it."

The pair went on to give their verdicts on married couples Chanita and Jordan and Whitney and Duka who viewers saw tie the knot during the series debut.

They explained that they believe Chanita and Jordan will stay together but doesn't think Whitney and Duka will last.

Tayah and Adam are set to become parents in six weeks and shared their exciting news with the world earlier this year.

"We’re so excited," Tayah told OK! Magazine.

“And the thing is we weren’t even trying! It just happened. I can’t believe it. We’re obviously just very fertile."

Opening up about the moment she found out, Tayah said she could tell after just four weeks that she was expecting.

While on the show, Adam and Tayah's wedding wasn't legally binding and the pair had planned to tie the knot later this year.

This has now been pushed back so they can focus on the pregnancy.


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