Mike Tindall shares Prince Harry contribution to Zara romance

I'm A Celeb: Sue Cleaver on 'camp husband' Mike Tindall

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As the I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! campmates awaited the return of Jill Scott and Seann Walsh, who had left to try to secure the contestants some goodies from the Deals on Wheels challenge, actor Owen Warner started questioning Mike about how he felt dating Princess Zara. The rugby star-turned-royal admitted he hadn’t had too many nerves thanks to sports fans William and Harry.

While the camp was quiet, Owen couldn’t help but take the opportunity to quiz Mike about Palace life.

“Have you been to Buckingham Palace much?” The Hollyoaks star probed.

“More than most,” Mike replied cryptically, to which Owen went on: “What’s it like there?”

“A lot of it’s all the staterooms and there’s only a little bit of living,” Mike described.

He went on to say he had also stayed there, and Owen kept the questions coming.

“In the morning, could you go down in your joggers and t-shirt, or did you have to get dressed up again?” the 23-year-old wondered.

“No, jeans and a tee,” Mike replied to a surprised Owen.

“I thought you had to be suited and booted!” he admitted, before asking: “Do you mind chatting about it?”

“No, I don’t mind,” the 44-year-old responded, leaving the path clear for Owen to delve further.

“When you first started chatting to Zara, how late in did you know she was royalty? Straight away?” he inquired.

“Yeah, because I know she’s Princess Anne’s daughter. Princess Anne is patron of Scottish Rugby,” Mike reflected.

“Did you feel a bit of pressure? If I was chatting to a girl and then found out she was royalty I’d be nervous,” Owen confessed.

Mike explained: “No, because we were friends first and then William and Harry were massive England fans at the time, so we’d met them numerous times.

“Met more of the family than you’d normally have met of the woman you start dating.”

At that moment, a delighted Jill returned with good news, announcing: “You got it right! Chocolate!”

This year’s celebrities have faced a lot of bad luck with the Deals on Wheels questions, meaning they normally lose out on the prize.

“We won for once,” Mike commented. “It was the obvious answer. And the reward was the smallest piece of chocolate ever. But my God, it was good.”

Today’s task saw Jill and Seann tackle a space-themed challenge.

They learned they had to get the planets in the right order in the given time to win the Dingo Dollars.

If they got a planet in the right place, a light would illuminate.

When none lit up, Jill admitted: “I thought it had broke. It hadn’t broke, it’s just we are broken.”

However, they managed to complete the task and visit Kiosk Kev.  His question to camp was: “Which way do I move my handle when you win the treat?”

The group back at camp went with the answer “forward” and won the prize.

I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! continues on Friday at 9pm on ITV.

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