Naga Munchetty warned to ‘behave’ by BBC co-star over her ‘complaints’

Naga Munchetty grills health minister on nurses' pay

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Naga Munchetty and Roger Johnson presented the latest episode of BBC Breakfast where they received a weather report from Chris Fawkes. The weather correspondent ended up taking a swipe at Naga after she lambasted the “gloomy” backdrop he was presenting in front of.

Naga and Roger wanted to give viewers an update on the weather halfway through the programme.

Chris appeared on screen with a striking photograph of a sunrise behind him.

Roger exclaimed: “Now what’s that? Red sky in the morning, shepherds’ warning?”

The weather correspondent then threw Naga under the bus by explaining: “Well Naga was complaining just half an hour ago.”

She started laughing and chimed in: “That’s unlike me, isn’t it?”

He told viewers Naga was moaning about his original photograph of a raining sky looking “too gloomy” for a Saturday morning.

“So I thought I’d put a cheerier picture on the screen behind me,” Chris stressed after changing the image.  

Naga interjected: “You got an, ‘Oh’ this time when I turned around and saw you, it’s lovely.”

As Chris looked at the sunrise photograph taken in Walmer, Kent, by a viewer named Mrs M, he warned Naga to “behave”.

He swiftly moved on to the weather after Roger suggested Naga thought he looked “lovely” rather than the sunrise.

“You’re dead right, red sky in the morning means shepherds’ warning,” Chris added as he tried to deliver the forecast.

“This is Kent, of course, the far southeast of England, but what most of you will have this morning is not these red skies, but these grey skies.”

The pictures transformed to a dark and stormy backdrop as Chris explained: “We have clouds and rain on the way for most of us this morning but it will be followed by brighter conditions of sunshine and showers.”

He warned there would be “quite a bit of rain” across Wales and southwest England.

There are also 34 flood warnings in place across the nation, with the majority being across parts of southwest England.

There are five flood warnings in Wales and another couple in Scotland as well.

He added: “It’s been a gusty start to the day as well with gusts of wind up to 65mph in southwest England.

“Inland, gusts of wind are 40mph or 50mph for some.”

However, he left his segment on a positive note by telling viewers sunshine is on its way across the UK.

BBC Breakfast airs daily on BBC One from 6am. 

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