Netflix Unsolved Mysteries fans terrified to sleep after haunting UFO sighting

Netflix fans have been left "terrified to sleep" after watching a new episode of Unsolved Mysteries all about a haunting UFO sighting.

The creepy series returned to the streaming service this week with the first three episodes of its third season, with more following later in October and November.

But the second episode – called Something In The Sky – has majorly freaked viewers out, as it delved into a series of UFO sightings over Lake Michigan on March 8, 1994.

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In the episode meteorologist Jack Bushong introduced viewers to the night in question, explaining he'd seen large, unidentified, brightly lit objects in the sky, all moving in a triangle formation.

He wasn't alone, as the episode made it clear there had been hundreds of similar reported sightings the same night – while one woman said she'd seen a "waterfall" in the middle of the lake leading up to one of the lights thousands of feet in the sky.

While the show didn't provide concrete evidence – it is Unsolved Mysteries, after all – it did include testimony from experts, including radar operators who picked up the UFOs too.

There were also recordings of some of the reports made to emergency services, all saying the same thing and at the same time, which further added some rationality to the episode.

Because of that, viewers were left seriously creeped out, with some even struggling to go to sleep after watching.

One person said: "This season of Unsolved Mysteries is all the feels. I always skip the UFO stories, I'm glad I didn't this time around. And now I'm scared to go to sleep."

Another tweeted: "Lady from the Something In The Sky episode about the UFO sighting said she 'hopes everybody in the world can see what they saw that night'. No ma'am. I'm good. I believe y'all and that's enough."

A third said: "Alien stuff is always kinda scary when watching it."

Someone else wrote: "OMG the second episode of Unsolved Mysteries Volume 3 about the UFOs in Michigan is literally freaking me out. I'm so scared. UFOs and aliens scare the hell out of me."

And a fifth added: "UFOs are one thing but I'll be damned if those a**holes fly over my place at the a**-crack of dawn with their high-beams on."

Unsolved Mysteries is available to stream now on Netflix


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