Outlander’s Sophie Skelton teases ‘heartbreak’ for Brianna and Roger

Outlander: Jamie meets daughter Brianna for the first time

Outlander star Sophie Skelton has hinted there will be troubled times ahead for her character Brianna and husband Roger (played by Richard Rankin).

Viewers have seen the couple and their children time travel to the 1980s this season as they seek medical help for newborn daughter Mandy who has a heart defect.

However, although they appear to be settling into their new surroundings it looks as if there could be tumultuous times ahead.

“I mean, it’s Outlander. So there’s always going to be absolute turmoil, heartbreak, separations, reunions,” Sophie said.

“And Roger and Brianna are in the epicentre of all that, and I don’t know – maybe they’re going to be different people again by the end of it. Let’s see!” she teased in a chat with Digital Spy.

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The couple have had a very confusing start to season seven of the hit show as they adapt to life in the 1980s having spent several years in the 1770s.

However, Brianna hasn’t forgotten about her parents Claire (Catriona Balfe) and Jamie (Sam Heughan).

After she found her mother’s obituary in which she discovered that she died by fire at Fraser’s Ridge she went back through the stones to warn her, saving her life.

Through events that unfolded back in 1770 after her intervention they then ended up living in Lallybroch, the Fraser family home that was built by Jamie’s father Brian hundreds of years before.

Despite the fact that they are coping with the transition it is a big change for the couple and their family and Sophie’s teaser implies that things will not run smoothly for them.

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Indeed, although she ventured back to save her mother Sophie has implied that the couple and their family may never return to the 1700s meaning that Brianna would never see her parents again.

“With Mandy’s heart issue, they’re not going to want to bring her back,” she explained to Insider.

“And then there’s the safety of them being in that time with the American Revolution around the corner,” she added.

“What parents would voluntarily thrust their children into that scenario? I think it’s a very final farewell for sure.”

Outlander is available to stream on Lionsgate+.

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