Piers Morgan viewers slam ‘embarrassing’ Sasha Walpole chat

Royals: Teaser for Piers Morgan interview with Sasha Walpole

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In her first TV interview, Sasha opened up about her relationship with Prince Harry and admitted to being “shocked and scared” and wanting to hide away after the details of them having sex came out in his book, Spare. When asked by Piers Morgan about why she never thought of “cashing in” or selling her story, Sasha said she wanted to protect her friend.

The interview sparked a strong reaction from TalkTV viewers, with many claiming to “switch off”, while others labelled it “embarrassing”.

Piers kicked off the chat by asking Sasha how she felt about the news coming out after 21 years.

“Very surreal. It still doesn’t seem real,” Sasha began before adding: “I don’t know, kind of shocked, really. I didn’t think it would hit the headlines like it did.

“At first I was a bit like, ‘no, just hide, it will be fine, it will go away like it has done in the past’.

“Suddenly you realise that it’s getting closer, your world is getting smaller. “

She went on to explain that after being questioned by friends, she thought it was time to tell her side of the story.

Sasha also claimed that Prince Harry never contacted her in advance to warn her she was in the book.

Recalling her version of events, she continued: “The thing wrong about it was we were two friends and it should never have happened.

“We crossed the line, it was never intentional there was nothing before, nothing after.

“I mean inglorious? It’s not really that glorious sleeping with someone in a field behind a pub when you are drunk.

“There is nothing glorious about being drunk and then copping off with one of your mates, in a field.”

When speaking about what Harry was like as a young prince, Sasha said: “He was lovely, you know, fun, sparky, he was just one of the boys.”

“He was a lad. He was good fun to be around,” she added.

On why she had never cashed in and sold her story to the press, the TalkTV guest admitted: “Because he was a friend. He was a friend, I didn’t see it like that and you kind of feel protective – not because of who he is, I’m like that with all my friends.

“But it never really occurred to me to cash in… some things are better left unsaid.”

Viewers took to social media in droves to share their thoughts about the tell-all interview, and while some found it insightful, others weren’t so keen.

“I can’t watch piers Morgan any more just looking at him boils my blood. Get over your weird obsession with Megan and Harry FFS,” @Harryking66 raged.

“Barrel being well and truly scraped,” @PaulieSFAOK went on to say.

While @lesithaf added: “This man is finished..ur hatred for harry is ur downfall..at this point it’s embarrassing… can’t believe this….” (sic)

Jonathan Shapiro commented: “Pathetic journalism. You should be ashamed of yourself.”

“Wow there’s no barrel you won’t scrape is there,” Ash pointed out.

Defending the interview, Ashley said: “So looking forward for this woman to actually have her truth heard. Hope it’s going to be a cracker!!!”

“Very kindly and fairly handled interview. Well done,” Ali Catte tweeted.

Piers Morgan Uncensored airs on TalkTV weekdays at 8pm.

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