Raising Kanan: Raq’s death ‘sealed’ as star drops haunting tease ’Actions have consequence

Mekai Curtis and 50 Cent on set of Raising Kanan season two

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Starz’s hit crime series Raising Kanan is expected to make its highly anticipated return to screens this month with season two. After a jaw-dropping end to the drama, fans can expect to witness a devastating end for a major character. 

Raising Kanan is the second spin-off to come from the highly acclaimed Power franchise. 

The drama transported viewers back to 1991 New York to give fans an insight into the upbringing of Kanan Stark (played by 50 Cent), who originally appeared in Power.  

The prequel introduced him as a 15-year-old and his mother, Raquel ‘Raq’ Thomas (Patina Miller). 

It was quickly clear to viewers where adult Kanan got his complex and troublesome tendencies from, as he was the son of a glamorous queen pin. 

Although Raq pleaded for Kanan (Mekai Curtis) to focus on school and make something for himself, he followed in her footsteps and became involved with drugs and weapons. 

After getting himself into trouble, Raq was forced to teach him how to protect himself with a firearm. 

Even though she initially refrained, Raq eventually showed Mekai how to make cocaine and involved him in the business. 

Season one came to a shocking end after she gave him the ultimate test of loyalty and asked him to shoot Detective Howard (Omar Epps), who he didn’t know was his father. 

As Howard survived the ordeal, Kanan began doubting his mother’s intentions, and as Raq was never featured in Power, the actress hinted at her character’s death. 

Patina Miller, who stars as Raq, spoke exclusively to express.co.uk about the upcoming season and her character’s fate. 

Reflecting on the instalment, Patina stated: “Sending your son who accepts the task to go and do something so major. 

“I don’t think she had time to think about what happens but now is the time for the consequences.”

The actress added: “We’re dealing with all of that and he’s right and you can’t trust yo damn mama.”

Towards the end of season one, viewers watched as Kanan and his cousin Jukebox (Hailey Kilgore) were discussing his mother’s intentions. 

Howard’s shooting sparked a city lockdown as he was a police officer and law enforcement was eager to find the culprit. 

Kanan was in hiding with his cousin, awaiting a ride out of the city when he began questioning if he could truly trust Raq. 

With the actress hinting at “consequences” in season two, there’s a chance a brutal and deadly feud could ignite between herself and Kanan. 

Howard told Kanan he was his father, however, Raq told him the detective was experiencing insanity. 

It was also revealed the respected Rondell “Def Con” Stark, who he thought was his father was, in fact, gay and Raq was pretending to be his girlfriend. 

With these major revelations likely to be unveiled in season 5, Kanan who has murdered before could point the gun at his mother.

Power Book III: Raising Kanan season two will premiere on Starz on Sunday, August 14 and will be available to stream on Starzplay in the UK

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