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FAITH Dingle's cancer battle is out in the open and her loved ones struggle to wrap their heads around the news.

This week, the reality of her illness catches up with them as the Dingle matriarch gets horrific news in Emmerdale.

1. Faith accepts her fate

Beloved and bold Faith Dingle (portrayed by Sally Dexter since 2017) was told she's due for another harrowing battle with cancer.

Initially ready to receive chemotherapy for her illness, she changed her mind after telling her children Chas (Lucy Pargeter) and Cain (Jeff Hordley) the truth about her health.

This week, however, Faith's mortality leaves both of them reeling as they find out she doesn't have much time left.

The village veteran is due for a scan in upcoming scenes of the Yorkshire-based soap and Moira (Natalie J. Robb) encourages her husband Cain to go along with her.

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But the mother-son duo share a strained relationship and Cain prefers to stay in the village and have drinks at The Woolpack.

Moira's heart sinks but Chas is fuming, realising Cain isn't willing to step up for their mother despite the gravity of her condition.

She makes a heartfelt plea for him to show support.

Ultimately, Chas' annoyance with her brother makes way for dread when the doctors call Faith to tell her they need to discuss her scan results.

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There's terrible news for the Dingle clan – Faith's cancer has spread.

Chas tries to convince her to reconsider her stance on chemotherapy but Faith stands her ground, ready to face her demise.

This would be actress Sally Dexter's last storyline in the ITV Dales ahead of a surely emotional exit.

2. Chas continues her affair with Al

It's no secret that Chas has found it difficult to cope since she was told Faith had cancer.

But in shocking scenes that sent fans into a frenzy, Chas embarked on an unexpected affair with Al Chapman (played by Michael Wildman).

The pair can't stay away from each other, no matter what their illicit romance could jeopardise.

Once Chas learns Faith intends to turn away from chemo, she shares a passionate kiss with Al outside The Hop this week.

But the schemer is refusing to take advantage of Chas' vulnerability.

Al soon relents and allows Chas to use him to escape her problems.

Will they ever get caught?

3. Cain makes a decision

While Chas finds support in another man's arms, Cain has decided to deal with his pain in a completely different way – by shutting it down altogether.

But in keeping a straight while his family gets ready to mourn for Faith, Cain is at the root of major frustration.

This week, however, Cain shows a progressive change of heart.

Scolded by both Moira and Chas for not supporting Faith during her scan, Cain clearly softens when he delivers her a card from his four-year-old son Isaac.

He then makes an effort to speak to his mother and Moira is pleased with this first step to a potential reconciliation.

Chas, on the other hand, is less convinced and lashes out at his apparent stoicism when he is told Faith is refusing treatment for her cancer.

Unbeknownst to her, the news leaves Cain reeling as he comes to the realisation his time with Faith is limited.

Privately shaken, he sits out alone in a field and keeps his feelings a secret.

Later on, Cain's change of heart is clear as he asks for a private chat with Chas.

The siblings share a poignant conversation and Cain shares his traumatic memories of the past and the pain Faith has left him with.

Cain eventually comes to terms with the past and agrees to make an effort with Faith.

Meanwhile, Faith is spending the evening with her friends, Brenda Walker and Eric Pollard, reflecting on her own regrets regarding Cain.

Will it be enough to help them make amends?

4. Charles sets out to find Naomi

Elsewhere, family drama is also in the cards for Emmerdale vicar Charles Anderson (Kevin Mathurin).

In 2021, Charles found out he had a daughter named Naomi but never had the chance to get to know her.

Naomi was then put up for adoption by her mother Esme, who suffered from postnatal depression and was unable to take care of her.

While Charles focused more on his family within the village, Esme eventually got in touch with Naomi and the pair have bonded ever since.

But this week, during a conversation with his son Ethan, Charles is told that Naomi has gone missing.

The vicar realises that the youngster's disappearance may be due to his refusal to ever meet her.

Charles prays for her safety, just as Marcus Dean tries to find some helpful information that could lead to finding her.

Marcus shows Charles a picture and his decision is made – he will set out himself to find Naomi.

His search leads him to some dead ends but he doesn't give up and ends up in a bar.

Charles is overwhelmed to see Naomi and jumps in as soon as he sees her arguing with her manager.

Call The Midwife and Unforgotten actress Karene Peter takes on the role of Naomi this week.

But what's next in store for both her and her father Charles?

5. David gets called out

Shopkeeper David Metcalfe (Matthew Wolfenden) is risking bankruptcy following the Covid pandemic.

In a desperate bid to improve his funds, he's decided to file a false insurance claim with Nicola King's insurers, asserting he sustained a neck injury from their minor collision.

But this fraudulent claim is being called out this week by two villagers – former partner Priya Sharma (Fiona Wade) and former step-son Jacob Gallagher (Joe-Warren Plant).

Both Priya and Jacob make their opposition to David's behaviour known as his insurance fraud plan continues despite a loan given to him by Brenda Walker.

The owner of David's Shop is hurt and shows a flicker of regret when he's confronted with their thoughts.

Will he see sense?


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6. Matty gets violent

Matty Barton (played by Emmerdale's first transgender star Ash Palmisciano) has been keeping a low profile in the village.

But this week, Moira's son – known for his quiet nature – raises concerns following an unusual violent outburst.

This could be another setback for his romance with Amy Wyatt (Natalie Ann Jamieson).

Coming up, Matty is acting moody which prompts Amy to ask Ryan Stocks some questions.

But when Matty finds out, he snaps and kicks a chair at the Hide Café.

Moira tries her best to smooth everything over, knowing what led to her son's explosive rage.

Much like she did with her husband Cain, Moira talks some sense in Matty, imploring him to be honest with Amy.

What is he hiding?

7. Liv is reunited with Sandra

There's another family reunion ahead this week and, after losing the support of her brother, Liv Flaherty (Isobel Steele) could be happy to see her mother again.

But it all depends on what her true motives are.

Coming up, Liv is stunned when her mother Sandra Flaherty (returning actress Joanne Mitchell) shows up.

Upon her return, more than a year since her last appearance, Sandra claims she's seeking help with her own drinking problem.

Could she be lying?

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