Spoilers: Stalking horror for Maria in Coronation Street as her phone is tracked

The hate campaign against Maria Connor (Samia Longchambon) is about to step up a gear in Coronation Street, as the local councillor discovers she’s being followed.

Recently, Maria learnt she was the victim of another horrible viral video.

Someone had photoshopped Maria’s head onto a naked woman, which made it look as though she was in a porn film.

Maria was determined to stay strong but in upcoming episodes, Kelly (Millie Gibson) senses she’s nervous about a lunch meeting.

When Jimmy approaches Maria, he warns her to keep her nose out of matters she doesn’t understand.

Shortly after, a creepy man finds Maria and tells her how much he enjoyed her video.

Running out of the meeting, Maria gets a notification telling her that her phone is being tracked.

When Gary (Mikey North) calls, a petrified Maria tells him that she thinks she’s being followed.

As Maria scrabbles in her bag looking for the tracking device, she hears footsteps and, in a panic, grabs a can of hairspray and turns.

But is she about to come face to face with her stalker?

Who is responsible for making Maria’s life a living hell?

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