‘Last thing I want’ George Clarke snubs Channel 4 co-stars Kirsty and Phil’s property show

George Clarke visits 'wonderfully weird' forest tree hotel

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George Clarke is best known for his series Remarkable Renovations, The Restoration Man and George Clarke’s Amazing Spaces. Ahead of the second series of Remarkable Renovations, the Channel 4 presenter opened up about his own home habits away from the TV. However, George made a sly dig at his co-stars Kirsty Allsopp and Phil Spencer when speaking about potentially ever making a property show.

Touching on whether he would make property shows in the future, George admitted: “No disrespect to Kevin McCloud, or Kirstie Allsopp and Phil Spencer, but that’s the last thing I want to watch when I get home.

“I won’t even watch my own shows – I know what I’ve filmed, and I see snippets when recording voiceovers.

“But I do find myself checking out the Georgian architecture in Bridgerton or the swish New York apartments in Billions,” he told RadioTimes.

He revealed that his go-to shows were usually binge-watched: “I don’t watch any TV all week because I’m working.

“So at weekends, I’m always playing catch-up on box-set dramas, usually several at once. I’m about to watch the final series of Peaky Blinders too.”

In the second series of George Clarke’s Remarkable Renovations on Channel 4, viewers will follow the stories of five incredible restorations by ambitious people from across the country, all the way from the initial inspiration to the final reveal.

He recently opened up about his excitement for the new series to Dorset Echo and exclaimed: “I’m not just saying this, we’ve genuinely got five knockout projects, five sets of really good contributors as well.”

The series comes at a time when the cost of living crisis is at a high, with many across the country struggling to manage.

Touching on why he feels renovation and restoration are so important, he admitted: “You can’t be greener than recycling an old building.

“Having an old structure sitting there that’s been abandoned for years is a complete waste of time.

“It really is, when you think we’ve got a housing crisis, anyway that we can bring an old building back into the system and convert it into a house is going to be good for the housing crisis.

“I also like the idea of people looking for history. If an old building is lost and demolished, it’s a real shame.

“Giving it a new lease of life and turning it into something else, turning it into a home, it’s another chapter in the story of that building. It’s actually quite exciting.”

Despite his good tips and the reasons to love renovating, George’s recent series, Flipping Fast, left some viewers with some big issues.

The Channel 4 programme follows six teams of would-be property developers as they compete to see who can make the biggest profit in a year.

Each team is given a £100,000 investment and risks being disqualified if they spend even a penny over the budget.

Taking to Twitter, viewers discussed their thoughts on the show and expressed the time frame just wasn’t long enough to see a big enough difference.

@CaronCarms commented: “Something hasn’t quite clicked with Flipping Fast. They’ve only done up a couple of houses.

“It needs to be filmed over a longer period of time, so there’s more jeopardy – and interest for the audience.”

Macy Jones added: “What’s the point of these so-called property experts when all they do is state the bleeding obvious?” (sic)

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