Love Island fans slam Davide for his upgrade comment about Indiyah

Love Island fans have slammed contestant Davide Sanclimenti after he told his fellow Islander Dami Hope that he had “upgraded” from partner Indiyah Polack, by pursuing other options in the villa.

The comments came as the boys gathered around the fire pit to discuss their openness to pursuing romance without their current partners present.

Microbiologist Dami, who is currently coupled up with Indiyah, had been seen getting closer to Summer Botwe since she arrived in the villa over the weekend, something his fellow islanders were keen to encourage.

“From my personal point of view, you got upgraded,” began Davide. He then continued: “Of course Indiyah is beautiful but—”

Interjecting, Dami quickly reminded his friend that it wasn’t all about looks and that there were other connections at play too.

He told the boys: “It’s not about looks for me. I don’t think she can be compared, but we are here to see who we have bare connections with and I feel like, even Summer’s personality, I’m warming up to that.”

“Give her a chance!” encouraged Davide, before Jacques O’Neill also weighed in and added: “You have to give her a chance mate. I haven’t had a chance with another girl in here so I’m going to be open to get to know them.”

Sharing a little more of where his head was at, Dami revealed he wanted to test his connection with Summer Botwe further, as he said: “I feel like right now, I might have a conversation with them and I want to kiss her, just to see if there’s actually something there. I know it’s crazy, but you’re either fully open, or you’re not.”

Immediately after the comments were made, fans flooded to social media to condemn Davide for speaking so poorly about Indiyah, with many saying she deserved more respect than to be considered less worthy than any other contestant.

“Davide saying Dami got an upgrade rubs me the WRONG way.. like? No disrespect to the casa amor ladies but I don’t see an upgrade from Indiyah.. just my opinion” wrote one disgruntled fan.

A second also commented, tweeting: “Davide calling Summer an upgrade like wtf. Indiyah who is gorgeous & has been the most sweetest & drama free. She doesn’t deserve this treatment from these bums Davide you can take the exit with Dami.”

Before a third dug a little deeper to even ask why he’d even come to that conclusion when they wrote: “I’d like to know what makes summer an “upgrade” from Indiyah in Davide’s eyes when they’ve only know her for less than a day?”

Another said: “Not Davide saying this new girl is an upgrade. Do not speak about the gorgeous Indiyah like that.”

Yet it wasn’t just Davide’s comment that landed poorly with fans, it was also Dami’s lack of defence for the girl he is currently coupled up with.

“The fact that Dami didn’t correct Davide when he said ‘You have an upgrade’ is a big red flag,” commented one fan.

Another viewer agreed, tweeting: “I also just clocked that Dami didn’t even challenge Davide when he said Summer is an upgrade smh.”

With a third also condemning the behaviour as they commented: “Dami didn't even back Indiyah when Davide said Summer was an upgrade.”

Love Island continues every night at 9pm on ITV2.


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