Narco plane transporting cocaine is chased by Brazilian military jet

Narco plane loaded with 1,000 pounds of cocaine is chased down by Brazilian military

  • Brazilian authorities confiscated 500 kilos of cocaine from a jet on Saturday in the southeastern state of São Paulo
  • The aircraft was intercepted after it entered the country’s airspace in the nearby state of Mato Grosso do Sul
  • The Air Force said two jets were dispatched and fired warning shots at the narco jet after the pilot failed to reply to questions
  • The military indicated two people were spotted leaving the jet 

This is the shocking moment a small airplane loaded with a shipment of 500 kilos of cocaine was spotted fleeing from military jets before it was abandoned in an airfield in São Paulo.

The aircraft was ordered to land after it was intercepted by the Brazilian Air Force because it illegally entered the country’s airspace in the nearby state of Mato Grosso do Sul on Saturday.

The Air Force immediately dispatched two A-29 Super Tucano fighter jets to monitor and stop the narco jet because it did not have a flight plan.

A small jet was forced to land on an airfield in the Brazilian southeastern state of São Paulo on Saturday after the aircraft was intercepted for illegally entering the country’s airspace without authorization. Authorities seized a shipment of 500 kilos of cocaine 

A video uploaded to social media shows the moment a jet transporting 500 kilos of cocaine is is fleeing from two Brazilian fighter jets

500 kilos of cocaine were split into dozens of plastic wrapped packages that were placed in 15 bags

The pilots made contact with the pilot of the aircraft to no avail, and fired a warning shot.

Several shots were fired by military jets because the narco plane ‘was considered hostile.’

‘The radars identified the aircraft entering Brazilian airspace,’ the Brazilian Air Force said in a statement. ‘The plane, without contacting the control (tower), failed to comply with all the policing measures carried out, showing itself to be hostile.’

A Brazilian law enforcement agent cuts through a bag containing some of the 500 kilos of cocaine that were seized from a small jet that was abandoned on an airfield in São Paulo on Saturday

There were 15 bags that contain dozens of packages containing cocaine that were removed from a jet abandoned by alleged drug traffickers in São Paulo, Brazil, on Saturday

The jet eventually touched down at an aerodrome located between the São Paulo cities of Jales and Pontalida.

Upon landing, two people fled before the arrival of federal police agents.

Agents inspected the aircraft and recovered at least 14 bags filled with plastic-wrapped packages of cocaine.

The federal police said Monday that the suspects fired several shots at the jet’s wing as part of an attempt to set it on fire and destroy the cocaine shipment.

The twin engine aircraft was built in 1973 and its previous owner sold it on April 5 to an individual identified Júnior de Lima Gonçalves, according to the National Civil Agency of Brazil.

The agency revealed that a permit request for the private jet’s use as an air taxi had been denied.

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