Tamar Braxton Throws Apparent Shade After Taylor Hale Wins Big Brother Season 24

The singer/reality TV star, who came out as the winner in season 2 of ‘Celebrity Big Brother’, reacts to a tweet praising Taylor as the first black woman to win the CBS competition show.

AceShowbiz -“Big Brother” season 24 crowned its winner in its finale on Sunday, September 25. The CBS competition show named Taylor Hale as the winner, marking the first black woman to win the show.

In the finale, Taylor faced against Monte Taylor, with whom she made alliance under the name The Leftovers. In a head-to-head competition, the jury eventually voted 8-1 in favor of Taylor, making her the winner of $750,000.

Not stopping there, America named her as their Favorite Houseguest of the season. She was awarded with an additional $50,000. This was also the first time in the show’s history to have the winner of the grand prize coincided with America’s favorite player.

Following the finale, many fans of the show celebrated Taylor’s big win on Twitter. A user wrote, “Tonight Taylor Hale made BB history. Becoming the first Black woman to win Big Brother. She did it for herself but also in honor of all the black women who played BB and sadly were not given a fair shot at the game. Congrats and thank you Taylor for this victory.”

Tamar Braxton caught wind of the post and she seemingly has something to say about the claim that Taylor is the first black woman winning “Big Brother”. “Whew! But congratulations (thinking emoji),” so the singer/reality TV star, who came out as the winner in season 2 of “Celebrity Big Brother“, said.

Fans quickly reminded Tamar that “Big Brother” and “Celebrity Big Brother” are two different things. “Girl, celebrity big Brother and the main one are two different things. Tamar, come on,” one person wrote in an Instagram comment.

“Celebrity big brother and the original big brother two different shows! Let this woman have her moment,” someone said. Echoing the sentiment, one other noted, “Tamar stop it! You played the game and you definitely know the difference between a celebrity season and a regular one.”

“The shade is clearer than the sky,” one amused fan commented. Some others insinuated that Tamar didn’t have to be petty and she should have just congratulated Taylor.

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