Teen Mom fans think they spot ‘proof’ Kayla Sessler SPLIT with fiance Luke Davis amid nasty feud with his family | The Sun

TEEN MOM fans think they've found poof that Kayla Sessler has split from her fiance Luke Davis.

It comes as the reality star continues to keep fans guessing about the status of her rocky relationship.

On tonight's episode of Teen Mom: Young & Pregnant, Kayla, 23, opened up to her friend Annabelle about the "problems" in her and her 24-year-old baby daddy Luke Davis' relationship.

It came during a tough time for the couple, after Kayla had decided to get an abortion and things were stuff still rough with her and Luke's family.

Annabelle asked: “How would you say the relationship with you and Luke is right now?”

“Fans believed the writing was on the wall as Kayla gave a sad update on her and Luke's situation.


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"After I got the abortion, things with me and Luke really went downhill," she began.

"We’re technically together but we’re not doing anything a couple would do. We’re living together but we’re not intimate."

She held back tears as she added: "I don't know what else to say… but we can't keep living this way, it's not working."

Kayla said that bringing her and Luke Davis' families together for their daughter's upcoming birthday party was "putting even more pressure" on their already ailing relationship.

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Following a recent fight with Luke's family, she said: "We're civil but the issue's not really been addressed."

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