4 Times Cardi B Got Real About Money

Cardi B has made us fall in love with her over the years through hilarious social media takes on everything from Penn Badgley to her love of Chick-Fil-A. But more than that, she also takes to her digital audience to share her thoughts on more serious issues: namely money.

In a recent Instagram live discussion, she shared her thoughts on the pending recession in 2023.

“Why is it far fetch for me to know finance when I have a business, pay taxes and own stocks? You gotta know about money to maintain it (sic).”

She’s not wrong–less than 25% of high school students in the U.S. have access to a personal finance course through their, according to a recent report from nonprofit Next Gen Personal Finance. And the pending recession she spoke on? Yea, it’s highly likely.

The probability of a recession over the next 12 months is 47.5%, up from 30% in June, according to a Bloomberg survey of economists reported by the outlet.

Cardi’s concern over the pending recession is just one of the important money conversations she’s taken to social media, and we’re listening. Here are a few others.

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