A gazebo installation on pavers, deck and concrete

A gazebo can be installed almost anywhere. Professionals can handle this without much difficulty. Specialists can put a gazebo on any site, on a slope or in a lowland. In addition, you can put a gazebo on a surface already paved with stones or pavers. In each case, we are able to find the optimal solution so that the gazebo stands securely, and the installation takes as little time as possible. In some cases, owners want to put up a new gazebo when most of the landscape has already been done. Often in the development of landscape design homeowners have paved paths and platforms.

This is done using natural or artificial stone, paving slabs and other materials. And again, often they remember about a gazebo only when the paving is already over. Then the owner begins to think about how to put the structure now, after the earth is hidden under a layer of stone or tiles. This is not really an obstacle. And gazebos can be quickly and efficiently installed on paved areas. There is a simple and reliable technology for this. If installation is necessary on the area where the pavers have already been laid, but the frame of the gazebo should be located, we disassemble pavers in this particular area, dig necessary amount of holes of 2 feet depth and pure concrete in them.In a couple of days we install removed pavers on their place. Then we assemble a gazebo and anchor it’s posts to the concrete slab through the pavers.This type of installation allows you to minimize damage to the coating and at the same time install a new element of landscape design in the shortest possible time and have it sturdy.

The big advantage of such an installation is that the structure is durable and the gazebo will not be blown over by the wind. Installation on a deck Much easier and cheaper to install on deck. In this case, we assemble an item on the site and anchor it in the points marked. Construction resists wind well and lasts for many years. As a rule, the deck is located close to the building, you need to place the gazebo at a distance of at least 2-3 feet from the house. Installation on concrete A similar situation with installation on a concrete patio. Before installing, just in case, we check that the surface is even, otherwise we will not be able to install the construction without additional work. If the coating is even, we assemble the product and anchor to the designated points. The posts are securely fixed and the wind will not blow the frame away. Here are actually 3 main places for installing gazebos and how we do it. We recommend that you consult with your building department before buying and installing a gazebo.