Color or B&W tattoos: what to choose

Let’s say You decided to decorate your body with a pattern, found a proper place and you even know what style you want the tattoo to be done – this is already half the battle. Then the most interesting part begins – you have to decide whether it will be in color or black and white. Looking at the portfolio of masters, you will find both options attractive. If you want to know what to do in this case, whether colored tattoos stand over the black ones or vice versa, we will talk about this in the article.

Style basics

Regardless of whether you apply a pattern of an individual design or use the one proposed by a master, you need to decide on a palette. Black and white and color tattoos look attractive in their own way. This complicates the choice. To do this, think about the following questions:

  1. Do you plan to supplement the image in the future?
  2. What do you want to demonstrate to the world: color restraint or openness?
  3. Do you like minimalism?
  4. How creative are you?

The black and white (more precisely, gray) palette began to be used earlier, so there are more masters who can perform such a tattoo with high quality. However, high-class professionals will create a colorful masterpiece on the skin, from which it will be difficult to look away. An example is the Mashakov tattoo. Thus, when choosing a style, it is necessary to compare all the advantages.

For whom will color drawings match the best?

By mixing different shades, the master will help artistic, sociable people who like being in front of others to express themselves. This direction is for those who are alien to conciseness. Pay attention to the benefits of colored tattoos:

  1. You have a wide choice of different images and shades.
  2. Without color, individual images lose their appeal.
  3. Color gives the tattoo an artistic style, making it a work of art.
  4. Even a simple image with the addition of a few colors will become more spectacular.
  5. The inner meaning of many tattoos cannot be conveyed without a proper color.
  6. Bright three-dimensional drawings will be close to those who are looking for uniqueness.
  7. Playing with shades makes it easier to make an image three-dimensional.
  8. Professionally done body art looks alive. A master is able to display the story you want.

Remember that the wow effect can only be achieved on images with a rather big sketch. Small ones often carry a personal meaning. When applying additional patterns, you will need to develop the original theme further. To preserve the brightness of the shades, the pattern will have to be looked after, protected from sunlight, and periodically restored by the master.

For tattooing, contact professionals in well-known salons. This will guarantee the high quality of the result, the uniqueness of shades, and the preservation of skin health. A highly qualified specialist will be able to realize any design idea.

Say yes to restraint

If it seems to you that a tattoo should be elegant and minimalist, pay attention to black and white colors. These two basic shades make it possible to create about five additional shades.

Benefits of black and gray tattoos over the colored tattoos are the next:

  1. Additional colors can be added at any time.
  2. Such drawings look good with geometric shapes, ethnic or fantasy arts and ornaments.
  3. It is suitable for tattoos of different sizes.
  4. The black and white image looks softer and more natural due to the presence of shadows. It does not burn out so actively, although it needs special care.

The use of black and gray tones requires the master to be precise, which cannot be corrected. There are people who consider them boring and inexpressive due to the lack of strong contrast. But those who have already applied black and white tattoos on the body will not agree with such a statement.

Some drawings cannot be represented in color, others, on the contrary, without it. But in each case, you need to choose, based on the characteristics of your character. After all, the main thing is a sense of harmony and a single whole with a tattoo. Take an important step, choose a style and enjoy the wow effect.