Alex Jones lives high life despite millions owed Sandy Hook parents

EXCLUSIVE: Shamed Infowars host Alex Jones is still living the high life as he is seen smooching with his wife at pricey Omaha restaurant just a week after he was ordered to pay almost $50 million to the parents of a Sandy Hook shooting victim

  • Conspiracy theorist Alex Jones took his family to Omaha, a week after a jury decided he should pay $49 million to the parents of a Sandy Hook victim
  • He and his wife Erika Wulff Jones stayed in the four-star Kimpton Cottonwood Hotel and ate at 801 Chophouse one of the priciest restaurants in Nebraska’s largest city 
  • He spared no expense, hiring a bodyguard/driver to ferry them around the city, where many members of Erika’s family live 
  • One woman in the hotel asked Jones if his child was ‘a paid actor,’ a claim the Infowars host has made about Sandy Hook parents
  • Jones and wife were spotted smooching outside the chophouse as they went for a cigarette break
  • The loving scene was a far cry from last Christmas when Erika was arrested for attacking him with a ‘polished stick’

Shamed conspiracy theorist Alex Jones is still living the high life despite being ordered to pay out almost $50 million to families of the Sandy Hook shooting.

The Infowars host proved he isn’t ready to pare back his expensive tastes just because his company has filed for bankruptcy and he claims he is broke.

Jones, 48, spent the weekend in Omaha, Nebraska, hometown of his wife Erika Wulff Jones’s family.

Alex Jones held wife Erika Wulff Jones tight when they left the 801 Chophouse in Omaha, Nebraska for a cigarette break

Jones and his wife were visiting Omaha where her family is from

The couple married in 2017. Erika is Jones’s second wife and they have child. He has three children with his first wife Kelly

The couple stayed at the 1920s-built four-star Kimpton Cottonwood hotel, where they regularly spend time when in the area.

And he didn’t cut corners, using a driver to get around town and flashing a Rolex watch on his wrist.

‘When he’s here he always hires a driver and bodyguard. This time is no different,’ one source told 

On Saturday he, his wife and four friends ate in the pricey 801 Chophouse restaurant downtown, where the least expensive steak on the menu – a single cut prime rib roast – costs $61 while a one-pound A5 Wagyu steak will set you back $560.

A meal there can easily come to $200 per person, not including wine or other alcohol. Scalloped potatoes go for $18 while baked cream spinach costs $15 and a basic wedge salad costs $17. 

At one point Jones and Erika, 43, left the restaurant so he could have a cigarette.  Casually dressed in jeans and a black t-shirt, he appeared to be comforting his wife of five years, placing his left hand on her right shoulder. At one point he grasped her with both hands for a full body hug, lovingly putting his right hand behind her head, as he rested her head on his shoulder.

The loving scene was far removed from how the couple, who married in 2017, were acting around Christmas.She spent the holiday in jail after being arrested after she attacked him at their home in Austin.

The couple walked their dog on Sunday before visitng West Omaha and Fremont, Nebraska

Erika wore a t-shirt with the Ace of Spades on. That card represents intelligence according to cartomancers

Erika Wulff Jones emerged from a grocery store in Omaha clutching a bouquet of flowers on Sunday

They bought several bags of food from a grocery store

Alex Jones and his wife were seen relaxing in the hotel pool just a week after he was ordered to pay nearly $50milion tothe parents of a Sandy Hook school victim

He was later seen grinning and giving a thumbs up to the camera as his wife Erika Wulff Jones sat on his lap

The Cottonwood Hotel, which dates back to the 1920s describes itself as ‘genteel.’ Its website says: ‘We look to our rich heritage to inspire our fresh approach to modern hospitality with a hearty dose of Midwestern charm’

The menu at the 801 Chophouse boasts a $135, 30oz porterhouse steak, hash browns at $15 and an iceberg wedge salad at $17

‘I love my wife and care about her and it appears to be some kind of medication imbalance,’ Jones said at the time.

‘It’s a private family matter,’ he added.

But he told police he ‘feared for his life’ when she hit him more than 20 times with closed fists, an open hand and a soap bottle 

He also claimed she had thrown a five-pound stone ball at his head, missing him by inches.

When he made a 911 call he told the dispatcher Erika had struck him over the head repeatedly and was ‘holding a polished club in her hand’ and attempting to ‘hit him with it.’

The battle was over her claims that he had cheated on her.  

Erika Wulff Jones in her mugshot after she allegedly pummeled her husband last Christmas Eve

Not everyone in Nebraska’s largest city was pleased to see Jones. Mary LaVelle, who was visiting, confronted him. ‘He’s such a creature of bad things that I just saw him there and thought, “Well, I’m gonna interview him,”‘ she told the Omaha World-Herald. 

‘I did make mistakes and so I’ve owned up to that,’ Jones told LaVelle as she pretended to be a journalist.

He also told her he has the ‘right to question things if I want.’

When LaVelle saw one of Jones’s children running around in the hotel, she asked him if the child was a paid actor. He has claimed grieving Sandy Hook parents are really actors paid by anti-gun activists.

Another guest posted a picture of Jones in the hotel pool and then posing for a picture with his wife on his knee.

On Sunday Jones his wife and bodyguard went out for a morning walk around the neighbor at his mid-town hotel with their dog.

Jones once again dressed casually in a short sleeve blue button up shirt, jeans, tennis shoes, and sunglasses. Erika wore jeans, runners, sunglasses and had a on a t-shirt with a print of the Queen of Spades.  

After taking their dog back up to their room Jones, his wife and bodyguard ate brunch at the hotel.

At 12:30 pm they all got into the SUV and drove to a local grocery store where they bought several bags of food, what looked like deli items, soups, pie, spreads and chips. Jones’s wife had a bouquet of flowers in her hand as she left the store. 

From there they drove to an apartment complex in West Omaha and picked up a few people, he then jumped into a silver Toyota Camry with his wife and sped off to Fremont, Nebraska, 35 miles west of Omaha. 

Jnes said his wife’s attack was caused by a ‘chemical imbalance’ 

Alex Jones reacts in an Austin courtroom after the jury decided how much he should pay for defaming the parents of a murdered Sandy Hook schoolboy

Jones claimed the trial was a way for others to attack his Freedom of Speech. He arrived at the Texas court on July 26 with a piece of tape over his mouth that read ‘Save the 1st’ Amendment 

Jones was ordered to pay $45.2 million in punitive damages to the family of slain 6-year-old Jesse Lewis, one of the 26 people were shot dead in the Sandy Hook massacre in 2012 after a jury in Auston, Texas, found he had defamed them. 

That’s in addition to the $4 million in compensatory damages he was ordered to pay to Neil Heslin and Scarlett Lewis.

Jones will likely pay only a fraction of the amount and could end up owing as little as 10 percent. An attorney for the parents believes the damages will likely be capped at $4.5 million, however Jones’ lawyer predicts it could be even less.

Attorney Federico Andino Reynal, who represented Jones, said in court Friday that he will seek to reduce the $45.2 million punitive damages award because it does not comply with Texas law.

Jones his wife and four friends dined at the 801 Chophouse, one of Omaha’s most expensive restaurants

While juries have broad discretion on awards, states law caps punitive damages at $750,000 when economic losses are not involved, as in this case.

Judge Maya Guerra Gamble, who presided over the case, must approve the final amount, a decision that is expected soon.

But Jones still has more legal woes ahead. A similar defamation case in Connecticut is scheduled to start September 6. A jury has already found he is liable for defamation and the new trial is just to decide how much he has to pay in damages.

The broadcaster was found last year to have defamed Heslin and Lewis by spreading lies that they were part of a government plot to stage the elementary school shooting in Connecticut.     

Jones was said to be worth $270 million during the Austin trial. Bernard Pettingill, an economist who was hired by the parents, told the court: ‘That number represents, in my opinion, a value of a net worth. He’s got money put in a bank account somewhere.’ 

Jones’s first wife, Kelly, the mother of his three older children, earlier this month called him ‘truly mentally ill’ for his insistence that the Sandy Hook attack was fake.

‘He should be protected from himself and others,’ she said during an interview with Inside Edition.

‘He doesn’t have any moral compass. He lives in his own universe, and he is a very — in my opinion — delusional man.’ 

Jones posted a video on Infowars saying he does not have the money to pay the full award. ‘We are so broke,’ he said before pleading with his followers to send him money.

 ‘If you don’t fund us… we will shut down,’ he said.

But that is not how employees at the Omaha hotel found him. ‘He was nice, gracious and a generous tipper.  one told

‘He didn’t appear to be broke.’

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