All You Need to Know About Truck Driving Career

Truck driving is associated with a lot of work and energy, as driving for long hours is not an easy task. One major question most candidates trying to become licensed truck drivers ask is: how much do truck drivers make? The pay of a truck driver depends on their responsibilities, under whom they are working, and what are their working hours.   

What Are Their Duties 

They provide the service of transporting goods such as finished goods and raw materials over land, to and from factories, distribution places, and retail centers. They are meant to check or inspect their vehicles from time to time to detect any issues.

The drivers work closely with people who work in warehouses to control transportation and avoid mishaps. The warehouse employees assist the drivers with the shipments and loading and unloading of the goods. 

Salary Of Truck Drivers

A commercial driver’s license plays a huge role in deciding the income of a truck driver. How much truck drivers make varies based on experience, employment type, working company, etc

The salary of 10% of the truck drivers at the top made more than $70,000, and the lower 10% made less than $30,000. 

A new and experienced driver will get the same salary ($8-$12 per hour) if they do not have a CDL. On the other hand, if a newbie has a CDL, his salary would be around $17-$19 per hour.

The perks of working as a truck driver vary among two significant kinds of categories. It can be done independently or as an employee working under a company. Each job holds a lot of importance and has its responsibilities. 


Those individuals who drive their trucks or lease them by contract with a company to carry loads for several companies are known as Owner-operators or self-employed independent contractors.

Company Drivers

They are those individuals who drive the trucks provided by the employer of the company they are working in. Individuals who choose to become company drivers have the stability and the freedom that comes with the job. 

What Is The Difference Between An Owner-operator And A Company Driver?

A company truck driver’s responsibilities and work vary from the Owner-operator truck driver in the following ways: 

  • A company truck driver transports the loads assigned to them, whereas owner-operators can choose their freight according to their preferences. A company driver does not have to pay for the truck’s maintenance, fuel, or other truck-related expenses. 
  • The company driver’s first and foremost responsibility is to pick up and deliver the goods and loads assigned to them. On the other hand, the owner-operator driver has to take care of not only transporting the goods but also managing the expenses, making business decisions, taking care of the truck, and much more.
  • The company driver is paid by each mile and might be paid for performance or loading and unloading pay. In comparison, owner-operator drivers must take out the revenue according to the freight they choose to haul.


    Each job has rules, regulations, and responsibilities that the employee must carry. The vital thing is to focus on the work and deliver the projects given to you on time. Being a truck driver is a considerable undertaking, but one has to put in all their efforts and do their best.