Chick-fil-A has the slowest drive-thru, study says. Another chicken chain comes in No. 1

Chick-fil-A has the slowest drive-thrus in the country, a new study that tracked the 10 major U.S. fast-food chains revealed.

At Chick-fil-A, the dreaded drive-thru wait time is an average of eight minutes and 29 seconds, which includes time spent waiting in line and then getting your food, according to a report by Intouch Insight, an IT customer service company, and QSR, a restaurant magazine. KFC, a Chick-fil-A competitor, came in the top spot with an average of five minutes and two seconds.

But that doesn't mean the chicken sandwich chain, which is closed on Sundays, is completely slow or bad at business. A caveat to the study is that much of the wait time is based on popularity. Chick-fil-A restaurants average 4.74 cars in its drive-thru, which is much higher than the average of 2.76 cars among the 10 chains. If the study were considering quickest average based on number of cars, Chick-fil-A would uniquely come in first with an average of one minute and 47 seconds in that box.

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The study, which was in partnership with QSR Magazine, was based on 1,500 drive-thru orders at the top chains across the U.S. The list of restaurants with Chick-fil-A: Wendy's, Burger King, Dunkin', McDonald's, Arby's, Carl's Jr., Hardee's, Taco Bell and KFC.

When looking at the other fast food competitors, KFC had the quickest drive-thru time but only an average of two cars – nearly three fewer than Chick-fil-A.

The study also measured accuracy; McDonald's and Arby's were most likely to execute a correct order at 89% accuracy. Wendy's struck out in two categories on the study, coming in last with 21% of orders inaccurate and last on drive-thru satisfaction – where Chick-fil-A was among the best.

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