CNN obtains bodycam footage of Trump DOJ lawyer during DOJ raid: 'Can I put my pants on?'

CNN aired footage on Erin Burnett OutFront, Thursday, that it had obtained of bodycam footage of the moment federal agents carried out a raid on the home of former Department of Justice lawyer Jeffrey Clark just over two weeks ago. He is accused of trying to aid former President Trump in his alleged attempt to overturn the 2020 election. Clark is also accused of drafting a letter to Georgia officials, refuting President Biden’s win in the state. The raid occurred the day before former top DOJ officials testified to the January 6 Committee that Clark went to great lengths to help the former president remain in office.

The early morning raid, and the release of the video, may prove to be an embarrassment for Clark, who answered the door wearing only a button down shirt and boxers.

When Clark answered the door, agents explained to him that they had a warrant and asked him to come outside so they could speak to him. He asked to call his lawyer, but was first told to step outside so they could clear the house.

Clark then asked, “Can I put pants on first?”

“Sir, we gotta clear the house,” one agent responded. Another added, “We’re gonna clear the house, and as soon as we clear the house we’ll get you talking to your lawyer and we’ll get some pants on, okay?”

Agents offered to let him stand behind his car so no neighbors couldn’t see, but could not let Clark wait in his garage, as he’d requested, until his house was cleared.

The raid occurred at the same time the DOJ stepped up its investigation into the fake electors scheme. Burnett spoke about what was reportedly gathered from Clark’s home.

“CNN obtained a copy of police reports which indicate officials seized a number of electronic devices from Clark during that early morning raid,” Burnett said. “Officers also dispatched an electronics-sniffing dog to search Clark’s house. The news coming as we’re learning the DOJ’s investigation appears to be picking up steam.”

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