Controversial SATS papers: Could YOU pass a Year 6 reading exam?

Controversial SATS paper left 11-year-olds were ‘broken’ and in tears – so could YOU pass a Year 6 reading exam?

  • Parents and teachers have railed against this year’s Year Six SATs reading exam
  • As pupils complained about its difficulty, could you pass a modern SATs paper?

Parents and teachers have been filled with indignation following yesterday’s SATs reading exam – which left some pupils in tears afterwards.

Since their introduction in 1988, the National Curriculum assessments at the end of Key Stage 1 (Year Two) and Key Stage 2 (Year Six) are well known to generations of former pupils, 

But critics say the exams have been steadily getting harder over time.

The reading exam paper by Year Six pupils yesterday has prompted a storm of protest among parents and teachers, who say pupils were left demoralised by its severe difficulty.

One headteacher has written to her MP demanding an end to SATs. But is the level of difficulty unfair or just an incentive for children to study harder? 

Here, we have published in full the reading test used in last year’s Year Six SATs exams. Can you pass it?

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