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SEEING a spider out of nowhere might panic you, and the first thing that comes to hand to kill them might be deodorant or body spray.

But can these products kill the eight-legged crawlies?

Does deodorant or body spray kill spiders?

Some deodorants or body sprays can kill spiders.

This is because they have an amount of chemical compounds in them that are strong enough to kill such crawlies.

Some products will have a good effect and kill the spiders as soon as they're sprayed over them.

On the other hand, some might no be strong enough.

Having an insect spray handy just in case is always better as it is a stronger product which assures you of getting rid of the crawling invader.

What attracts house spiders?

Dust and untidiness are two things that attract spiders to your house.


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Adding to that are the undisturbed corners which you might miss while dusting or vacuuming.

Make sure to pay attention to these out-of-the-eye spots because these are areas which spiders prefer.

Here, spiders can build their webs and also remain there undisturbed, away from predators.

It also provides them with a warm and dry place to seek comfort in.

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What are the best ways to get rid of spiders in your home?

There are several ways how you can get rid of spiders in your home.

One of the things that you might take for granted is moving the bins outside your house.

The rubbish attracts the spiders and this may be one thing that is attract the crawlies towards your house.

Also make sure to try and keep them as far away as possible from doorways and windows and keep them closed too.

To get rid of a crawling creature get a friendly and furry creature which will help.

Cats in particular are the perfect animal to have around the house to get rid of spiders.

They chase anything that moves and will chase away the unwanted spiders and other bugs in your home too.

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You can also try mixing some vinegar and water and drizzle it over corners which are being taken over by spiders in your house.

Its smell will go away as soon as the mixture dries up, so if it bothers you, apply it before you leave the house.

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